Colours (McNamawyer)

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Black and White Soulmate AU:
-An AU where you can only see black and white until you meet your soulmate.

REQUESTED BY: @TinyGayTurtle

SHIP: McNamawyer.

PLOT: Our Veronica finds her soulmate, but what happens when she's super oblivious to the actual Soulmate concept?

TW: Oblivious!Heather McNamara, like, really fucking oblivious.

EXTRA: Thank you for over 2K views on this book! It really means a lot to me that you guys would even care to read my shtuff! I also kinda sick and I've written like five oneshots during that time because I don't look after myself. Woo!


-You Are Truly A Heather~
-The Ruler Has A Soft Spot.

Also, I have a real bad cold and I'm still writing, someone kill me.


Veronica Sawyer, a girl who was described as a nerd, didn't have a soulmate, unlike her friend, Martha Dunnstock, who was with Jason Dean, well, J.D, for short, or as everyone preferred to call him. Veronica, to everyone, was a huge nerd. She grew up reading textbooks, for God's sake! She always wore her usual - her jean jacket with matching blue floral dress skirt. Well, it was blue themed, to everyone who had their soulmates. Veronica, however, didn't have hers. But she was confident it was a girl, despite being bisexual. She sighed, watching Kurt and Ram kiss, the two jocks were the first two in their year to discover their soulmates - eachother.
(Marshy: You're welcome, Almighty.)

Right now, the brunette was in the bathroom, washing her hands, as she heard three pairs of footsteps.

Oh no..

The Heathers.

The most popular clique in school, all members sharing the same name, that being Heather, of course. In the clique, two people had their soulmates, Heather Duke, and Heather Chandler. Yes, it was for eachother. But, the one member who didn't have her soulmate, was Heather McNamara. Head cheerleader, her dad's absolutely loaded.

They were heading this way, and Veronica scurried into the stall closest to the door, forging a hall pass for the four of them, because wherever the Heathers went, Ms. Flemming usually checked on them. Frequently, at that.

The door opened and Duke waltzed into a stall, throwing up, “Chan?” Mac asked, “When am I gonna get my friend?”

“They'll come, Mac,” Chandler replied, holding Duke's hair back while she purged, “You just have to hold on.”

“And it's not a friend, it's a soulmate, M,” Duke stated in between vomting.

“Why do I always find you in here, girls?” Ms. Flemming sighed, leaning on the doorframe.

Because you fucking follow them?’ Veronica thought as she continued to forge a note.

“Heather was purging, we're helping her. For real this time,” Chandler hissed, as the teacher chuckled.

“Not without that hall pass, you're not! Week's detention. May I remind you; one more detention this term, and you're expelled?” She smirked,  but it quickly faded as Veronica bursted out of the stall, earning weird glares from the three popular girls.

“Uhm- actually, Ms. Flemming…” She exhaled, “…all four of us are out, on a hallpass..” She handed her the forged pass, “…yearbook committee..” She mumbled, watching Flemming's expression deflate. She almost, almost, felt bad.

“I see that you're all listed.. darn.. Well, hurry up, and get where you need to be,” She ordered, as Chandler snatched the note as the teacher left, inspecting it.

“This is an excellent forgery,” She commented, shoving Mac forward, and their eyes met. Colours faded into existence, and both girls smiled.

“Hey, we're soulmates!” Mac grinned, “You know what that means!”

Super gay cuddling? Please?’ Veronica thought, grinning at her.

“Instant best friends!” Mac giggled, “Chan, don't we have to make her part of the group?”

“I suppose,” She walked around Veronica then whispered, “Thank God I don't have to explain the Soulmate thing to her. Good luck, Ron.” She returned back next to Duke and the three got their make up stuff.


Veronica was now a Heather, and was  sotting at their lunch table. Problem was, her soulmate didn't even know what soulmates were! She was getting constantly friendzoned, and she was close to losing it. She didn't want to, but it seemed that was what she was close to doing. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled.





“Hey, bestie!” Mac grinned, walking over to their table.

God damnit, nevermind,’ Veronica thought bitterly, “Hey, soulmate,” She greeted.

“We're besties!”

“Soulmates,” She grunted, “And we're supposed to be together..” She wasn't greeted by anything. Well, anything reassuring. Heather McNamara, arguably the nicest Heather, was laughing. At Veronica.

That's it.

“What's so funny?! That you can't accept that I'm your soulmate?! Fine, then, bitch! Hope you have fun without me!” She barked, grabbing her stuf and storming out. Mac raised a brow.

“Jeez,”  She looked at Duke, “What crawled up her arse and died?” Duke said nothing, only handing her a page in her book about Soulmates. After she read through it, she bolted out the door after Veronica. Duke and Chandler looked at eachother.

“Disaster lesbians,” Duke mumbled.

“But Ron's bi,”

“Same difference.”


“Ronnie! Wait, please! I'm sorry!” Mac caught up to Veronica, “I didn't think soulmates were a thing! I honestly thought that everyone found love but me!” She continued to ramble, and only stopped when Veronica pinned her to the wall, and kissed her with a scowl, then clung on to her for dear life.

“Don't do that to me again..”

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