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"So no one has any idea who Emily could be bringing in to be part of the team?" JJ asked, looking around at the rest of her team apart from Emily Prentiss

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"So no one has any idea who Emily could be bringing in to be part of the team?" JJ asked, looking around at the rest of her team apart from Emily Prentiss.

"Not at all" Tara replied, looking over to see Garcia avoiding eye contact.
"Garcia" she said, forcing Penelope to make eye contact with the intimidating woman across from her.

Garcia scrunched her eyes closed before sighing loudly.
"Fine fine, okay I may know a few things" she said, frustrated at herself for not being able to keep a secret.
She looked at the group before motioning her head towards her office. "Follow me"

As the team entered her office they gathered around her desk, waiting to hear what the tech analyst had known about the team member they would so soon meet.

"So-" she said, sitting at her desk and quickly typing away.
"I was heading to speak to Prentiss about a lead we had in the last case but before I got to the room I heard her talking on the phone. I must've caught the beginning of her conversation because I heard her ask for a Destiny Martìnez, before I assume whoever this girl was wasn't able to answer" she said before pausing.
"Anyways, after I briefed her of what I had found out I head back here and I started thinking. 'Destiny Martìnez? I know I've heard that name before.' I couldn't remember for awhile but then it hit me. Twenty two years ago a fifteen year old girl in Berkeley was having a sleepover with her best friend when she decided that she wanted to sneak out to see her boyfriend at the time, when she came back she found her family and her best friend dead, no sign of who did it." She said quickly, pausing to let the team adjust.

When she felt that she gave them enough time she continued to speak.
"The name of that girl was Destiny Martìnez. So why would Prentiss be thinking about Destiny Martìnez? So I started searching and I found a confidential file on Destiny, turns out when she was 19 she graduated top of her class from the academy. Two years later she met Gideon at one of his lectures and he began to mentor her." She said, before looking at Rossi who had a look of familiarity spread across his face.

"I remember now, he brought her to the office when we first started out she was the first person he ever taught to profile If you'd say that" he said remembering the girl from his past.

"Yeah, she quickly became a very prestigious agent within the FBI not just the BAU. When she was 25 she became the first ever leader of the FBI's fugitive task force. You may ask why you'd never heard of her before, well, when she was 30 she went undercover, she had a lead on her families killer. The government went through a lot of trouble to seal all of her records, there was no trace of her. She was undercover for 7 years when the trail had went completely cold and she resurfaced, her files had been restored. This was four months ago." García said.

Luke was stunned, his jaw nearly completely dropped.
"She's 37 And has done all of that?" He asked.

"I have" a voice said, getting the groups attention, scaring a few.
When they turned around, they came face to face with Emily Prentiss and the young women who's face was sat on Penelope Garcia's computer screen, Destiny Martìnez.

She stood there confidently as Prentiss introduced her.
"Guys, this is Destiny Martìnez, But I see you already know that" Prentiss said, before introducing the team.

"This is Doctor Spencer Reid" she said, as Destiny waved having previously learned he isn't very fond of handshakes.

"Agents Jareau, Alvez, And Lewis, our tech analyst Penelope Garcia, and you know Rossi" Prentiss spoke as Destiny shook all of their hands, before hugging Rossi. As the team watched they all tried to profile the girl in front of them, all except Luke.

Luke admired the girl, her dark brown hair and her bright green eyes. She was a few years younger than him, yet he was fascinated by her. By what she's been through to get where she is today.

"It's good to see you again" He said as he pulled away from the girl.

"It's nice to see you too, and it's a pleasure to meet all of you" She said kindly but boldly.

"I'm sorry for snooping, you seem amazing" Penelope spoke, stepping closer to Destiny who smiled at her.

"Aren't you forgetting something" Alvez said, before Penelope shushed him.

"Absolutely not newbie" she said, before turning back to Destiny.
"I'm sorry again" she said quickly.

Destiny smiled and crossed her arms over her chest.
"Oh you guys think I didn't research each and every one of you before coming?" She joked, instantly soothing the nerves of the whole team.

"Starting now Destiny will be joining us as SSA Destiny Martìnez" Prentiss said, informing the team of her decision.

"I know you guys didn't really have a choice, but thank you guys for this opportunity, I know a lot of you have ever really heard of me before but it's a pleasure to be here and I hope to get to know you all very soon" Destiny said, before excusing herself from the room.

"Okay she is amazing" Garcia said, the group nodding their heads in agreement.

"She's young. She's been through a lot. To be here joining this team she must have worked hard to get here" JJ said, before Emily's phone rang.

"We have a case" she said, before everyone followed her to the briefing room.
"Can someone get Destiny?" She asked.

"Yeah I'll go find her" Luke said enthusiastically before heading to find Destiny.

When he found her she was struggling to figure out how to turn on the coffee pot.
"Come on why aren't you working" she sighed, placing her head down on the counter.

Luke laughed slightly before walking up to her.
"You gotta plug it in" he said, holding the cord up before plugging it into the wall.

Destiny rolled her head to the side, looking at Alvez.
"Now we know why I'm a profiler and not a barista" she said, standing up and thanking the guy in front of her.

"Luke Alvez" He said, holding his hand out to her.

She smiled and pointed back to Garcia's room.
"Yeah we sorta just met" she joked, before holding her hand out to him.
"Destiny Martìnez, But most people call Dest" she said with a soft smile.

Before he could respond a voice interrupted the two.
"We're ready" They turned to see Spencer awkwardly smiling at the two.

"You ready for your first case?" Luke asked as they began to walk to the briefing room.

She smiled and shrugged.
"I guess we'll see"


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