Chapter 36

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I'm waking up in yet another different room. But this one is much nicer than the dingy, dusty hotel room. The Strand pack house is lovely. Modern. Sterile level clean and very organised. I feel like I'm on a naval ship. Everyone is efficient and task orientated. They all know their roles and expectations and they execute all of it swiftly and with exquisite precision.

When we came in from the challenge yesterday, we were asked to stay and eat with the pack and then James insisted we stay the night. I think he wanted us here for support more than anything. Though he has Kane and Jemma here, he seemed to really want Arge and I to stay. A touch of home I guess. The familiar. And we couldn't say no, not with the state he was in last night.

Today will be a hard day for the pack. George announced at dinner last night that he is leaving. James did not want him to, not in the slightest. But George insisted it was his own free will that was making him leave. For the first time in his entire life, he did not need to worry about anyone else except for himself. He had no mate or children to keep him here. He had never found a mate, which made me feel sorry for him but it didn't seem to worry anyone else. It had always been this way for him.

It has always just been him and the pack and now that he did not have the responsibility, he had decided to travel the world, meet new wolves, see new places and just enjoy his freedom.

He seemed at peace with it all. And so did the pack.

I lay still in bed so I don't disturb Argent. He was very uneasy last night. He literally tossed and turned for hours. Something is bothering him.

Perhaps the impending doom headed our way? We had put off my daddy drama to help James and Jemma with the Elroy issue and now that this was resolved, we needed to face the inevitable music.

My father was out there somewhere, probably doing evil deeds, in training to be the next big bad man and planning his next big bad event.
Amalie was in hiding, how was she now? Was she any better? Had Dr Emerson helped her?

We needed to talk to Argos today. Perhaps that is why Argent was so restless. A showdown with his father was overdue. We didn't really get to see him at the challenge and though he was invited to stay, he declined and headed back to his home base.

He did however give us a very clear order to return today to discuss our next steps. It was a definite order, not a request.

"I can hear you thinking Aidalyn."

"You can not."

"Can you?!"

"No. But I may as well be able to, you are wiggling and making little sighs here and there and it makes me wonder what you are going over in your head!"

"I'm sorry. I was trying to be still."

"What's up?"

Argent leans up on his elbow and pushes a stray hair away from my face. How does this boy look so perfect first thing in the morning?! I am sure I look like the walking dead most days!

"Just thinking about your dad, my dad and all the drama to do with the both of them."

"Ahhh. Yep. I know."

He sighs too. The unknown part is the worst. What do we do now? What is the first step?

"Dad will at least be able to update us on Amalie, the council and any word on your crazy father."

"Hmm. Crazy runs in the family huh?"

I giggle when he shakes his head and flicks me on the nose.

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