1.) Lancer x reader (part 1)

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(Contains swearing,,)
(Kris x Susie is involved)
(I'm bad at writing whoops)

(Y/n)= your name
(H/c)= hair color
(Sh/c)= shirt color
(S/c)= skin color
(E/c)= eye color

You leaned against one hand boredly in class. As you leaned against one hand, you looked down picking up your pencil. You start to doddle on the piece of paper in front of you, alphy's voice fading out into muffled sounds, so boring you thought, you're mind aimlessly wondered.

You jumped Abit, resisting to make a noise in surprise, you looked over gripping at your chest. You saw Kris staring at you, well you wouldn't know because of their hair, but you saw that small patient smile on their face, as they slipped a small note onto your paper.

You blinked as you looked down. You hesistated abit, remembering kris's last prank, which nearly scared you to death. You looked up at Kris with a slightly worried look. Kris leaned against one hand, and shook their head gently, that must've meant the coast was clear for any pranks, thank God.

As you gently unwrapped the neatly green wrapped paper, you read the small note with kris's average style of writing. 'do you want to come with me and Susie??,, It'll be fun ;33' you glanced over at  Kris with a weird look. You glanced over at alphys, before leaning over abit, keeping your voice quiet.

"Since when have you been hanging out with Susie..?" You whispered. They gave a small shrug, and tilted tilted their head, as to ask for your anwser. If you were honest, Susie scared the hell, out of you. She was sarcastic, and rude to say the least to you, but her whole way of talking, eating, you even caught her smirking at you once to scare you.

You bit on your lip Abit, but leaned back to your desk, starting to doodle again. "I'll think about it at lunch.." you whispered to Kris. Kris gave a small grin with a thumbs up, and turned to alphy's, through you douted that they were actually paying attention, who really was?


When the bell rung, you jumped in surprise gently. You stood up, and grabbed your books, notebooks, and made your way to the door. You made your way to the lunch room, and sat down at a single table. "Hey nerd.." you nearly jumped out of your skin, you yelped and fell to the ground, hearing the familer sound of Susie's horrible laughing.

As you sat up, you saw Kris in front of Susie, crossing their arms with their mouth in a small pout. Susie grinned, and leaned over to kiss kris's cheek. "I'm sorry! It was too fun of a opportunity!" Kris's face turned Abit pink, but they smiled up at you curiously, you knew what they were saying, "the nerd told me, didja make up your mind?" Susie looked at you, with a small stretch of her arms.

You bit down on your lip, should you really trust her? Sure, her and Kris were dating, but you never trusted her, Kris has told you that the rumor's, in their own words, "were a bunch of a bullshit" "..uh..I have nothing to do, what could go wrong?" It was almost like you were answering your own question, but eh. Kris lit up, and grabbed your hand, then Susie's. Kris led the way as they walked normally with Susie, who actually seemed pretty excited, but was practically dragging you, you being, not, so excited.

They soon dragged you in front of a..closet door? You looked up squinting Abit. "Eh..?" Kris gently opened the door, with a light grunt. Susie looked at you with that familer smirk that scared you shitless most of the time. "You ready twerp?" Kris gave Susie a light punch to the side, and Susie stuck out her long tounge out. "Eh, I mean, (y/n)" you Nervosely run one hand through your (h/c) hair, and glanced up at Susie. "I..uh..I guess..?" You mummbled softly, and walked foreword Abit, still mildly confused.

Susie brushed her hair out of her face Abit, and walked foreword, Kris and you did the same, you still playing with your hair. As you and the couple walked forward, you felt the floor beneath you shake. You nearly shrieked as the floor slowly crumbled, the two seemed surprisingly fucking Calm, about following. As you and the two fell, you gripped at your (sh/c), tears slowly sliding down your (s/c) cheels, was this how it ended? Before you could competent what was happening, you were on the ground.

But everything seemed... different??
You slowly opened your eyes, blinking away tears that decided to stay in your (e/c) eyes. You slowly glanced around, confusion in your eyes. You had a million questions. How were Susie and Kris so casual about falling?, How did we fall? Weren't we in a closet?, How were we gonna get home? Then the.most important question,

Where the, fuck, were you?.

((845 words))

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