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Daniels POV:

The priest is about to ask Miranda if she takes me as her loving husband, but is interrupted with the sound of the door opening. Everyone's heads shoot back to see who has interrupted or has been extremely late to the wedding.

I look closely at the's the Burdens I have forgotten that I had invited them. "We are sorry for being late, you may now proceed again," Mrs. Burden says elegantly.

The priest clears his throat. I look at the Burdens as they sit down. Jack, Sophie, Mrs. Burden, Mr. Burden. As mr. Burden settles down and I can see an extra figure, follow him. We make eye contact. I know those eyes. The eyes that reminded of ocean. Her silky soft hair that fell barley below her shoulders...It was Lilly, my Lilly. Present and Alive at my wedding.....

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