Helpers Needed

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Hi! I'm Crystal/Chris Rose! I'm looking for some helpers for a fanfiction I am making. It is called Koanronpa. If you want to help make this fanfic, you must have a little but of knowledge of the game.

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Koan, the fox, has kidnapped 16 ultimate students! He has brought them to Cool Zone, an abandoned amusement park! The Ultimates must find a way out before they all die!

I understand that plot is super generic but I kind of like it!




Artists will draw the characters and the places. They will also draw some scenes from the fanfiction. With characters, they must be drawn with sprites

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Writers will help.... well... write the books. We need people who have good grammar and punctuation. Writers are a huge part of making this happen.

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I feel like having some editors might make this look nicer. They will make the opening and ending picture for the chapters. (If that makes any sense.)


Execution Writers

I need people who can make vivid and descriptive executions for the blackens. The execution must be brutal and fit the characters talent and personality.



Must Be Active

Don't Be Mean To Your Co-Workers

Don't Argue

Have Fun!

Give Us Ideas

I May Add More If I Can Think Of Any

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