Chapter 4

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You are my mate, Selene’s head repeated his words over and over again.

Run! Her common sense screamed, but her body would not listen. She did not want to find her mate, not now, not ever. Run! You idiot! It shouted again, but she stood still.

Go to him, kiss him, feel him! Her wolf shouted

He walked closer to her, and she could only see him, all the other women forgotten. They were now chest to chest, his face inches away from hers. His eyes travelled to her lips. He leaned closer and closer.

Oh my god, Selene thought as they were only a breath away. His lips barely touching hers. Little by little she began to close her eyes, and so did he.

Kiss me! Her wolf shouted again.

Wake up! Common sense screamed once more, and Selene’s eyes shot open. Immediately pushing him away from her, he stumbled backwards and almost fell, but quickly regained his posture.

He took a step in her direction. “Don’t!” Selene yelled, placing her hands in front of her as a way to protect herself.

“I only meant to kiss you” he replied innocently.

“I know what you tried to do! And I don’t want you to do it again”

“But you are my mate” he said taking two steps forward.

“No! Don’t!” she yelled, he stopped.

“Selene!” Gia called running to her side “Selene what’s happening, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine” she answered without taking her eyes off of him.

“Come on Selene, let’s go home” Gia said grabbing Selene from her shoulders.

Selene nodded. “Yeah, alright” she started to walk away.

“No!” Nicolai yelled grabbing her wrist “you can’t leave” He pulled her towards him and wrapped her in his arms “I won’t let you” he whispered in her ear, sending sparks all over her body.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing?” Gia ran to help her friend, but before she could reach her, a pair of strong arms picked her up and set her on his shoulder.

“Well” Cameron said “what do we have here?”

“Put me down you bastard, what do you think I am, a sack of potatoes” Gia punched his back, but Cameron did not let go.

“I’ll leave you now Nicolai, I have to teach my mate some manners” Cameron smirked.

 “Your mate! Put me down you creep, I will not tolerate this. Hey! Are you even listening to me, I’m talking to you…” Gia’s voice got farther away as Cameron entered the pack house.

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