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In this story, a beautiful little baby girl named Elisabeth was born to the proud Midnights. The royals were very impressed with the baby, and it was decided that she would become the prince's wife when she got older. The kingdom rejoiced at the grand and glorious news. When the baby turned 6 years old, her parents brought a little homeless girl named Rebecca and claimed her as their own. The two became inseparable, and even through they weren't related to each other by blood, they were as tight as sisters as if they were. Life seem to be perfect!

However. . . tragedy stuck home. One night, a fire stuck the house. The girls escaped with their lives, but the two parents were tragically lost in the fire. El, who beautiful brown hair was badly burnt, ran towards the mountains where her father's friends the Indians, were. Blade, however, her leg became badly cut when she jumped out of the window where pieces of shattered glass which were still there. She landed on the grass, bleeding, and was calling for El who ran off. Reb tried to follow but she tripped and bang her head, knocking her out. Later, two knights found her and took her to the castle, and the king and queen kept her as a playmate for the lonely prince.

The kingdom searched and searched for the lost princess, and she disappeared like a vapor in the wind, gone. Years past,  and the prince's was of age to become married. Rebecca, who was now known as Blade, became one of the top knights in the whole kingdom with her skill will her blades.  She never forgot her friend, however and begged the king to hold off the competition until she appeared again. She managed to until the prince was 21 then he overrule her pleads and sent out the invitations to all off the top houses in the world, only choosing 7 to 9 houses. Blade was heartbroken as you can imagined. She believe that El and ONLY Do gas the right to the throne. So when visiting princesses visited, she wasn't kind to them. This was wrong, but you can see why she was this way. So her house, the Nightingale, wanted to entered a royal but couldn't. Why not? You see, Maxwell, the leader of the house was in great trouble with debt and he didn't have the money to pay a royal to come and represent them in the competition. Besides that, Blade was adopted into that house by the Kong's approval. So they were in trouble.
When all hope seems lost, Quinn, the younger very, very down to earth, funny kind of a guy, finds a young servant girl named Cinderella that he begged to represent them in the competition. Blade didn't want too and Maxwell wasn't sure since he couldn't pay her, but they decided to try her out anyway.

How will it go? Who will win?Will Cinderella have her happy ending? Will the prince like her? What about El? Will she ever be found again in time? Will Blade ever find her best friend again?

Come and join us as we embraced the glorious tale of . . . 

                  " The Royal Test"

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