Chapter 16 ~ Mila

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Chapter 16 ― Mila

Maybe I was ready for this situation, after all, dealing with Zayn wasn’t that difficult and I felt comfortable there with all the lads and the girls. Incredible, I felt like I fit in there, with them. I felt like I could be myself and they would accept me; and in the whole day Zayn never looked at me wishing I was another person. Maybe he was starting to see the real me.

I grinned at the mere idea and fought against the tingles in my stomach. It wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t that important to feel like that.

As I walked to the room I was sharing with Moni, I forgot about my mum and her yelling and concentrated on what was important: having a great time with my new and old friends in this lovely house. My mum and her wishes didn’t matter anymore, I was far away and I was grateful. I didn’t have the time to get depress over her attitude.

I walked into the room where my friend was tidying everything up. She had this friendly OCD and she couldn’t stand things out of place. It wasn’t something that made things difficult for her or for me, as I lived with her, and it helped a lot to have the place always clean and tidy. She was a more relaxed version of Monica of FRIENDS.

“How did it go?” The brunette asked as she was putting her clothes in the wardrobe, organised by colour and kind.

“Same old, you know. My mum was being all bitchy because I’m not spending Christmas with them, as usual,” I replied walking towards my bag and taking out my clothes so I could put them in the wardrobe as well.

“You okay?” She asked more concerned this time. She knew better, she knew that every time my mum decided to act like a bitch, it affected me.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’m far way.” I smiled because I believed I was going to be fine. I had many things to keep my mind out of my mum’s behaviour and I had Moni with me so I could rant about my family as much as I wanted and she would always listen to me and support me.

She looked at me a tad bit more with that worried expression, almost the same one Zayn had when we encountered in the kitchen. When he looked at me, during the last few seconds that our eyes met, I really saw concern, concern for me. It wasn’t nice of me, but it felt good that he reacted that way and with that only thing my mood improved after that conversation with my mum.

Moni smiled back at me and resumed her work and I tried to help her, but honestly, I wasn’t giving my best and my friend noticed. I heard her snort before taking the shirt from my hands. “Mila, why don’t you go outside? You are obviously zoned out, so leave me here and I’ll finish pretty fast. I’ll meet you later.”

I sighed because I knew that if I didn’t obey her and kept doing things the wrong way —wrong according to her and her OCD—, she was going to end up tying me to a chair. I left her alone there and went down. The place was pretty big and definitely stunning. Everyone was in their rooms settling down and I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to be left alone with my thoughts because that would lead me to think of my family and I didn’t want to embitter myself.

Without noticing it, I went to the living room and there it was Zayn watching the telly with a bottle of beer in his hand. I stopped there a couple of seconds, just looking at him, his profile. He was a gorgeous man, his features were so defined and so manly, the shadow of a beard made him look sexier, the way his lips touched the glass of the bottle was something breath-taking, the curves of his eyelashes should be illegal. When you stopped to contemplate him, you realised how beautiful he was. It was so sad that he was so blind and so stubborn, it was a shame that I cared so much about him noticing me even when I tried to lied to myself.

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