Chapter 12

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*warning MAJOR trigger warning*
Third pov

As Camila was sleeping she began to hear a lot of loud banging noises and someone cursing loudly. She then heard heavy footsteps make thwlere way closer and closer to her room.

She backed herself into a corner trying to hide as best she could from whatever or whoever was getting closer.

The door to her room suddenly crept open."Where are ya kid?" A man's voice slurred. It wasn't her father's voice thought, so it must have been the man who owned the house.

He was obviously very drunk."Oh, so you wanna play hide and seek. Come out." He said seriously. Camila remained as quiet as possible. She heard him get closer and closer to her not so good hideing spot.

"I found you!" He said appearing in front of her suddenly making her jump.

"Go away!" Camila cried trying to back away even more, but there was no where else for her to go. He placed his dirty hand over her mouth."Shh shh your so loud. Come here you little brat." The man said grabbing Camila by her shirt and throwing her up onto the bed.

He pinned her down on the bed roughly with his hand still over her mouth as she tried to cry out."Shut up! Your gonna get me in trouble." He yelled at her.

He moved away from her slightly and she heard him messing with something on his clothes. She couldn't really at first make out what her was doing simce it was so dark in the room.

She backed away from him towards the headboard only for her to be pulled back closer to him. Now that she was closer to him she could see that he was naked from the waist down.

Her eyes went wide. This was a scene that she had sadly seen one to many times. She fought with as much force a 4 year old had but he had a strong hold on her legs.

He grabbed her pants and pulled them off her along with the pull up she had been wearing. He pulled her closest to him. She could feel him on her lower half.

"NO NO LET ME GO!" Camila cried kicking him in his crotch."F***!" He whinced backing away. He quickly pulled his pants back up and grabbed Camila by her face roughly.

"You little b****!" He spat in her face."Get the f*** out my house!" He yelled throwing her clothes back at her.

She quickly put them back on."Come on." He said grabbing her arm and forcefully pulling her out the room."Let me go!" She cried."Shut up before you wake up Mike." He said sternly.

She struggled against him as he brought her closer and closer to the front door. He opened the door and practically threw her out resulting in her head hitting the pavement.

She let out a cry and held her throbbing head."You better not come back here either!" He yelled and slammed the door in her face.

Tears poured down her dirty face. She got up and ran as far away as he short legs could take her.

It was still dark outside too. She couldnt even make out her own hand in front of her face.

She had ran her way to a small store front. She sat down in the alleyway of two buildings and buried her head between her legs and just cried.

She was cold, hungry, beaten up and traumatized. She just imagined herself back with Normani and Lauren. She thought about how they would always cuddle her. All she wanted was to feel their warm embrace again.

She wanted to be back with her new friend Dinah. She was so nice to her and always referred to her as her baby sister. Camila had never had a sister before. Just thinking about them made her even more sad.

What if she couldn't find them again? What if her dad found her once more? She was only four. She shouldn't need to be fearful of things like this.

She stuck her thumb in her mouth and cuddled against the dirty breakwall of the store trying to get some kind of warmth.

She was too scared to fall asleep. She had to stay alert. When she fell asleep before that nasty man came into her room. She didnt want another repeat of that incident, but of course she is four and couldn't manage to keep her eyes open. She tried her best but the sleep was too strong.

The next morning she was awaken by someone shaking her. She opened her eyes to see a big man with a beard standing over her. She jumped and scooted away from him.

"Woah take it easy there. It took me a while to wake you up you scared me for a second there. Now what is a little kid like you doing out here all alone?" He asked gently.

He didn't seem like a threat but something in little Camila's head told her to trust no one.

She pushed his hand off her should and she got up and imidiatly took off running."Hey kid wait! I'm trying to help you!" He yelled but she was too far gone.

She never even looked back. She had gotten pretty good at running away. It was pretty much in her blood now.

She ran up the street avoiding as many people as she could. As she ran she heard a familiar voice call her name."Camila!" She stopped running to see Lauren standing there in her uniform holding her arms out for Camila to hug her.

Camila sped towards her and jumped in her arms."I have been looking all over for you! I'm so glad your okay!" Lauren cried holding the child close."Mommy." Camila said softly into the older woman's neck, taking in the soothing scent of her perfume.

This brought tears to Lauren's eyes. This was the first time Camila had ever called her that. It made her heart melt.

"Dj and Mani are gonna be so excited to see you." Lauren said as she carried her back to her squad car. Though she had been missing for no more that 2 days it was the most nerve wrecking 2 days of their lives.

They had no idea when Camila had been taken or if she was even okay."I see them now?" She asked as Lauren set her in the backseat of the car and put the seatbelt around her.

"Not yet baby I need to take you to the hospital first and get you checked out. We need to see if your healthy and fix that nasty cut on your forehead." Lauren said pointing to the deep cut on her forehead from when she was thrown out the house.

"I no wanna got to hospital." Camila whimpered. She always hated hospitals."Shhh I know baby don't cry. Look what I brought." She said pulling out the girl's pacifier and putting it into her mouth.

Camila had missed the little object. Lauren caressed her cheek with her index finger and placed a kiss to her cheek."I'm not gonna let anyone take you from me ever again."

Sorry I know this chapter was a lot but i love for my books to have some drama. So Lauren found her. Are y'all excited or should it have took longer? Leave your thoughts below.

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