When you meet again / Continuations

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(*sings* Oh, we will meet again some sunny day...)

(Ahem. Sorry.)

(Although I have little time and motivation to write, for the sake of my peeps who voted on this story, I shall cotinue. By the way, this isn't really "meeting again" since two of these don't fit the title but I can't think of any other name. So, continuations.)


- Kris, how do you feel...

You stood in the door wide-eyes as a very interesting scene took place in front of your eyes.

- ...About losing your face?

Seriously though, you just wanted to pee in the first place...


You quietly sat in class, missing your "desk buddy", a.k.a Kris, who still sits next to you but hasn't come yet. Although you two don't talk much, he occassionally flirts with you. Yep, that's right. Not sure if it's actual flirting though, you're pretty sure he's just joking. Still, he's quite the charming one...

You snap out of your deep thinking when the door opens, and he walks in. Speak of the devilⁱˢʰˡʸ ᵃᵗᵗʳᵃᶜᵗⁱᵛᵉ ᶠᵉˡˡᵃ. Alphys scolds him for being late, and tells him to find a partner. You start waving at him immediately, since you had no partner either, but just when he sits down beside you, Susie bursts in.

The #1 bully. Even Alphys is afraid of her.

Speaking of the lizard, she just made her join you two. Great. You could use a violent tramp in your team, really.

BUTT. Turns out, there's no chalk. The teacher orders Susie to find some, and tells Kris to go with her to make sure nothing goes wrong. And a few minuts later, you have to go to the toilet either. You stand up with a tired sigh and walk out of the classroom.

Then you see Kris pinned against the locker, with Susie snarling at him.

- HEY! - you yelp out boldly. Sadly, all that courage sublimates into thin air when she glares nonexistent daggers at you, eventually dropping Kris to the ground, whispering curses under her breath. - Are you okay? - you run up to the boy who nods silently.

- Let's just go already - Susie growled, turning away.

- Can I come with you, please? - you asked sharply. - So I can make sure that this, ahem, won't happen again.

She didn't answer for a few seconds, but when she did, she sounded as condescending as ever.

- ...Fine.

You put a hand on your hips. This is gonna be tough.


Ugh, that was a huge fall.

You remembered being in the closet... but it was just eternal darkness, you couldn't even reach the walls, and then... all three of you fell into a black abyss.

You rubbed your aching head as you looked up to see... Kris? He had a completely different set of clothes (basically armor), with a sword on his belt. He had light blue skin and dark blue hair that still covered his eyes.

He was undeniably handsome...

He stood up and held out a hand to you as well. You gladly accepted it, however, you noticed that your skin tone had changed as well, to your favorite color, and you were dressed in a much cooler outfit than your casual wear, plus you had an amazing looking [insert weapon of choice] attached to your hips.

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