51 - Reunited: Day Seventy

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As the elevator doors opened to the twelfth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, the voices of the Spice Girls could instantly be heard throughout the corridor from Geri's room. Simon rolled his eyes and sighed as he followed Sam out of the elevator, walking toward Geri's door and knocking loudly enough to be heard over the overlapping conversations.

"At least they're easy to track down," Sam humoured as he walked toward his own room, leaving Simon to tend to his wards.

"Trade you," Simon joked, gesturing toward Geri's door as an offer for Sam to take his place. Sam shook his head and snorted back a laugh as Geri's door opened and the noise in the corridor increased in volume. Geri smiled and quickly ushered Simon in the room to join the girls, who were trying on the various outfits they'd been sent to wear for the charity event they'd been invited to that evening.

Victoria had three black dresses laid out on Geri's couch that she and Emma were admiring and trying to select which one Victoria would wear, while Emma was already outfitted in a short, blue Valentino dress with floral print and white heels. Geri and Mel were already dressed as well, Mel in a revealing leopard print top with a black leather skirt and Geri in a short, red Alexander McQueen cocktail dress. Brian and AJ were also in the room, sitting on the edge of the bed with Mel, already dressed up in their suits.

"They're all the same, Tor," Mel groaned, looking back at Victoria. "Just pick one."

"They're not similar at all," Victoria scoffed with annoyance. "One is Chanel, one is Valentino, and one is Dolce & Gabbana. How the hell am I supposed to pick one?" Emma lifted the Chanel dress from the middle and handed it to Victoria to try on, hoping to prevent an argument between the two girls. Victoria looked at the dress in her hands, then glanced back at the two still displayed on the couch, reconsidering Emma's choice. Emma laughed and pulled Victoria over to the bathroom to change.

Geri stood next to the bathroom and tapped on the door as Victoria and Emma approached her.

"Come on, darling," Geri called through the door. "Let's see what you look like." She waited anxiously, not receiving an immediate response from Melanie. As she moved to tap on the door once more, it slowly swung open and Melanie stepped out of the room. She was wearing a white lace knee-length Oscar de la Renta dress with one exposed shoulder, a slit up the side, and a black ribbon around her waist. She had her head down and looked incredibly uncomfortable as she stood awkwardly in the doorway, obviously not wanting to come into full view of everyone.

"Look at you!" Emma gushed. "You look gorgeous." Melanie looked at her sighed, dropping her gaze once more and chewing her nail self-consciously. She didn't say anything, but it was obvious she wasn't comfortable in the dress.

"Is that the outfit you picked out or did the girls choose it for you?" Simon asked, glancing over at Geri with disappointment. Melanie looked up at Simon, silently begging him to allow her to change into something less revealing.

"We were just playing a little dress-up," Mel stated, shrugging at Simon. "Maybe she's into dresses now. Never know til you try, yeah?"

"You can wear trousers if you want to," said Emma, looking guiltily from Melanie to Simon. He cocked his eyebrow at her and looked to the two guys.

"Were you two in on this too?" he asked. Both guys quickly shook their heads, adamantly claiming to have only been supporters and judges for the girls' mini fashion show. Simon nodded and walked around the side of the bed, opening one of the boxes with Melanie's name on it. He removed the white trousers and black top from inside the box and walked over to Melanie, placing it in her hands and setting his hand on her shoulder. "You do look amazing, sweetheart," he confirmed, "but you wear what you're going to be comfortable in. Don't let this lot decide for you." Melanie nodded and was pulled into the bathroom by Victoria so the two of them could change. As they closed the door, Simon crossed his arms and looked at Geri expectantly. "She's not a doll."

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