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About me:

I'm really nice, caring and carefree in nature. I love reading and writing, my friends believe it's the weirdest obsession. I always keep to commitments, come hail and sunshine. I've being on Wattpad since January, 2017 and I only started writing here May, 2018 because I was scared of critics. (Honestly speaking, I still scared of critics). Now I think about it, it seems to make sense, as well as silly because figuratively speaking, you can't catch a fish without casting your net. Let's also not forget that I can be annoying sometimes. So, if I somewhat annoy you just over look it. (No man/woman can cheat nature).

Focus points:

• Description/Blurb

• Plot

• Characterization/Character Development

• Creativity

• Grammar/Spelling: I believe it's normal to make mistakes, so I would not crucify a book just by this but if it becomes too much that it distracts me from the book, then that I wouldn't over look.

• Organization




I'll accept all genres except poetry and horror.

Number of stories I can review per week:

I'm not really certain. It depends on my work schedule. I'll tentatively mark this as one but I'm hoping on exceeding this limit. (I don't want to promise and later on failing).

Number of chapters I'll read:

I'll be reading a minimum of 5 chapters.


Since I'll be reviewing your book, I'll be grateful if you can read my story as well, and don't forget to vote if you liked it.

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