Chapter 77: Oh Crap

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"Those are incredibly strong titans," Lena complimented.

"Lien must know how much faith magic has in you," Orion said. "And when Lien believes something, the rest of us harpies agree with her. We sometimes joke and say Hecate also blessed her with future sight."

They all shared a laugh with the harpy prince.

"Nice bracelets, Kaldur," Sarah complimented the Atlantean.

"They are actually the trident, my friend," Kaldur told her.

"Say what now," Erica asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It happened while we were fighting," Alya explained. "I had just been blown up and Kaldur had just gotten really mad. In hind sight, i'd have been a little mad to if one of my friends had been blown up."

"Hold on, you were blown up," Alain gasped. "And you're okay, right."

"Battered, bruised, and a extremely exhausted, but completely fine," Alya said. "But like an animal, I will always get right back up."

"Got to love someone that can take the bounce off of something," Dick chuckled.

"Sounds like Beast Boy," Ma'gann giggled.

"I love the cannonball," Gar cheered.

"I love this kid," Lena hugged BB.

"You know, I hate to be the one to ruin all the festivities and relaxation, but what about the Justice League," Erica suddenly said.

Every head shot up and looked at her like she just kicked a puppy.

"What," Erica asked.

The others all sighed. She was right.

"Reality bites," Gar grumbled, crossing his arms.

"She does have a point," Kaldur said. "The league will be determined to find us."

"I did have my spirits devour a few agents," Alya rubbed the back of her neck.

"And we lost count of the number of agents we drained dry," Sarah admitted.

"I'm pretty sure I burned a whole brigade alive," Mason says.

"We. Are. So. Screwed," Roy swore, facepalming.

"Technically, only us mystics are guilty of killing the Guys In White," Krinos said. "The only thing they can blame on you guys is that you knew what we were gonna do and didn't stop us."

"I'm sure there are a few frozen solid agents on Delos that would disagree," Roy said, holding up the silver bow.

"Yeah, but I can easily take the blame for that," Alain offered. "The entire league knows about my ice powers."

"We can take all the blame," Danny offered. "The entire blowback. The entire fall. You know what I mean. It's not like they could do anything to us."

"But you'd be all labeled as criminals," Ma'gann protested. "Any league member that sees you would have to try to bring you in."

"The key word their is 'try," Caitlin smirked. "They may know where we live, where our sacred grounds are, and even what our weaknesses are, but that won't help."

The heroes didn't look surprised at the calm nature of the mystics. After all they've seen of them, nothing really surprises them anymore.

"It might take a few days, and a lot of witches and wizards, but we can re-cloak all the magical areas so the league will be unable to find them," Orion explained. "It's amazing what you can do with a few rhymes."

"A few spells here, some enchantments there, some telepathy at work," Juliet listed. "Then bata-bing bata-boom, we're back to being only myths and legends."

''My enchantments are woven into the trees anyway,'' Krinos says. ''Most of us have been hiding for hundreds of thousands of years. We can easily vanish back into our lives from before.''

''What about Phantom and Siren,'' Conner asked. ''The lives they had before all this was being mystic lab rats or the GIW. That would be like asking me to go back to Cadmus.''

''Conner, we're still the rulers of the Ghost Zone and the Isle of Sirens,'' White reminded. ''We'd be just fine.''

''Considering what I've seen what a few siren could do, I definitely don't want to see what a full army can do,''  Roy said.

''We better get started on the new barriers and wards soon,'' Mason suggests. ''No telling when the league starts knocking on our doors.''

''Okay, but I am not gonna be the one to wake Melinda,'' Skylar stated. ''I'd like to live to see my next birthday.''

''Same,'' the other mystics agreed with the pegasus.

''Little too late for any added protections,'' a very familiar voice said.

''Oh crap,'' they all swore. 

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