My first tag

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I got tagged for the first time! (From Juli_a_uwu )
Have fun reading this garbage!

I got tagged for the first time! (From Juli_a_uwu  )Have fun reading this garbage!

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1. Horror movie? I only watch horror anime.

2. My first ship will always be my favourite: Starco

3. Musicals? :0

4. Never be able to watch anime/ write stories again

5. A long list of anime boys

6. CLOSER (Joe Inoue)

7. Rick Riordan

8. Danny

9. Fictional

10. Blue

11. Leopard

12. Yes

13. (That doesn't concern you)

14. Thinking that everything in TG will be fine

15. If you mean real ones... none lmao

16. When I finished AoD/ SnT

(How do I tag)

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