Meeting the Hanzo Girls

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It is already the weekend as (Y/N) is seen wearing exercising clothes as he finishes a mixed berry smoothie. He puts on his wireless earphones as he runs outside to cross the street. After almost 15 minutes, he accidentally bumps into someone as he makes a turn.

(Y/N): Sorry! I didn't know where I was going.

???: I-It's okay.

He sees a pink bunny on the ground and picks it up.

(Y/N): Is this yours?

But when he sees the girl, it was...Hibari?

Hibari: Hai. Thanks.

She gets your bunby back.

Yagyu: Hibari, where are you?

Hibari: Coming! Please excuse me.

As Hibari runs back to her friends, (Y/N) can't help but notice something familiar about them.

(Y/N): Are they...? *shrugs* Must be seeing things.

He then continues with his exercise routine.

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