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"Okay, I'm going to agree with all of that. He has made quite an impression, but I don't think I'll ever be able to catch feelings for him, really. Maybe this sounds weird, but he has all qualities I despise, but that's what makes him interesting. He is the person I want to find out more about him, but without any romantic stuff. I would go crazy if I had to cope up with him in a relationship. Also, after Chris I think I'm just going to look for the one, not everyone who crosses my path."

"Hm, I believe you, but you never know what your heart thinks is best for you. Your interest could turn into loving all of those qualities and that without even realizing it. Maybe you're in the first stadium already, but you don't realize it yet. I think Xavier just has major walls built around him, I mean he grew up in such an overwhelming environment for a child. I think he learned to always hide his feelings because of the people in his world who could take advantages of that. No one is born as cold as he is," Valentina said.

"I think," Fadoua's voice scared me for a second, because I didn't realize she had been standing and listening to us for the last minute, "that you shouldn't accept the deal, Autumn, for your own best. Chris has hurt you enough already and I think Xavier is capable of hurting you even more. Even manipulating you. I've read your message in the group chat about what he said and how he acted when he was home with you. He's that man from all Wattpad books who exactly knows all your soft spots and will use them for his own good and you're that stupid girl who falls for it. I don't want you to be that girl. Think like an adult and think about what's best for you."

"But this isn't a Wattpad book, Fad, Xavier isn't fiction. Xavier is a real person," Sadie replied, "I think everyone is able to change with the right help or the right person, Autumn in this case. I've did some research on him and he's had a girlfriend before; Heather Greinfield and they broke up because of the fact that they were too busy. It's not like he's dead inside-"

"I am, though," Valentina said.

"There's just something that happened to him and he is struggling to overcome it. As Val said, he grew up in an awful environment with busy, busy parents and probably a babysitter who took care of him all the time. If he's able to love Heather Greinfield, he's able to love Autumn. Everyone loves Autumn," Sadie continued.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on, alright," I said, "loving is a big word."

Fadoua sighed deeply.

"Why are you guys always trying to lead her onto the wrong path?"

"We're not trying to lead her onto the wrong path, we are just giving her what we think. We can't protect her from anything, she's an adult woman now, she has to make her own choices and if she makes a mistake; so be it. Isn't that how you grow as a person?" Valentina said.

"I'm on this one with Fadoua," Gwen said, "I don't think she should put all that effort into someone like Xavier who barely cares about her, just for the sake of helping him. He clearly isn't interested in that, he's only interested in his business and his ever-lasting fame."

Sadie wildly stood up, looking furious at both Fadoua and Gwen.

"I can't believe how insanely negative you are about shit like this!" she exclaimed, "Always seeing the wrong in people, only believing the bad sides, do you know how sad that is? It doesn't matter about who it is, Xavier or fucking Harry Styles, you only want to see the bad things. People like Xavier for example need fucking help, they can be fucking helped and if they were open for help, they would've already be cured. People like Xavier have to see what's wrong with them and I think Autumn is the best person for that."

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