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As many of you know, I moved away from home. I was once the city fool of Toronto, Canada and now I'm the city fool of somewhere in Great Britain. But let's not go into where I live.

Today was my first day of experiencing a British high school. It's a lot different to an American high school.

Since I am turning 16 in December, I couldn't be a senior in high school over here (since British students finish high school at age 16) and had to be a junior. Let me tell you why, British high school students go trough examinations called GCSE's in their junior and senior years and since I've moved from a different country I have to be held back a year to start the examinations for these GCSE's. However, if I do extremely well this year I can take the exams early in my junior year instead of sticking through the entire two years. Let me tell you something else interesting, British people don't call themselves freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors. They go by "years" which is confusing to me but what counts as a junior over here would be called year 10, even though the students are aged between 14-15 in this "year". I find it confusing. British students also start high school at age 12. The education system is so different over here.

Another thing about my day today is that I got yelled at by the principal (which is not called the principal here it's called the "head teacher") for not being in uniform even though we got here on Saturday really late and the stores were closed on Sunday. So that was fun.

I also had a girl start annoying me so I told her to fuck off and then I got detention for it. But the detention is not after school it was during my lunch break, so I had to eat lunch on my own.

Overall, my first day was shitty and I already want to move back to Toronto.

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