Chapter 13 : Not Yours

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Taehyung's POV
I laid on my comfortable office chair and sighed. Was I too harsh on her? I mean I should make her suffer... But she said she wanted to resign and I'm supposed to be happy. Why didn't I let her go? But I also don't wanna let her go... For some reason...

I took my glass of water and drank it slowly while thinking of what I did. To be honest, I feel guilty but that's what I'm supposed to do to her... "Hmm...." I put the glass of water back on the table carefully. I took out my file and checked my schedule. I'm free today... Should I go somewhere instead of staying in this boring shitty place?

I opened Irene's schedule. She has a meeting in about 1 more hour... Should I bring her somewhere? I heard someone knocking on the door. "Come in." I said and turned to the door to see who was knocking. "You have a guest, Mr Kim." One of the employee said to me as she bowed down politely. "Thanks Seolhyun." I said and went out of my office. I walked into our modern guest room which we have in our office.

I opened the door and saw a lady who seemed to be in her 30s but she looks really pretty. "Annyeonghaseyo." We both greeted while bowing at each other. She took a seat in front of me and gave a warm smile. "Nice to meet you, Mr Kim Taehyung. I'm Sandara Park..." She took out her hand. I shook her hand. "So you're the model Park Jimin chose for our new release?" I asked. She nodded. "I'm glad to be chosen for this photoshoot... Especially in the top 1 best design companies which designs outfits, interior designs and others." She complimented sincerely.

"Ah, the designs of the outfits will be out this year." I told her. "Oh you all are making such good progress..." She praised with her hands held together as if she's a proud mom. I laughed a bit and nodded happily.

Irene's POV
"Jennie!" Someone shouted which caused her hand which was about to slapped my face froze. It was Lisa... Lisa quickly stormed inside the room and went beside me. "Lisa? What are you doing?" Jennie asked unbelievably. "You shouldn't hurt her when she doesn't know what her mistake is yet..." Lisa said to Jennie with a serious look. I never knew this side of her...

"She's trying to take Taehyung and Jimin!" Jennie claimed as she pointed at me with a bitchy look. "She's a slut!" She said as she pushed me. I almost fell down but luckily I balanced so I didn't hurt my leg again. "Slut?" I asked as I crossed my arms. "Well you're the bitch here. I didn't even seduce them or anything and you're calling me a slut?" I said. "You can try hard to get them but I don't know if that would work... Since people will now know that you're a bitch." I said confidently without stuttering which was unusual for me.

"Me bitch? You think they both like you huh? Just because you think you have the looks doesn't mean-" "Stop it!" Lisa interrupted her by standing between me and Jennie. "What Irene said was right... She didn't actually tried to take-" "So you're defending her now?" Jennie raised her eyebrows as she glared at Lisa.

"You all are idiots... Only Jisoo eonnie will understand me more than you, Lisa. This isn't the end yet for both of you..." Jennie said and turned back, ready to leave. "Jennie-sshi..." I called. She looked at me with her scary cat eye look, glaring at me scarily. I bowed at her. "I'm sorry..." I apologized. "Hmm wae?" She suddenly asked. "If I did something wrong, I'm sorry. I don't want us to fight like this please...?" I begged.

"Jennie eonnie..." Lisa said as she looked at her while giving a nod as a sign that Jennie should forgive me. "I-I..." Jennie tried to scold me but she couldn't. She probably also don't want us to be like this... "I'm sorry too." Jennie apologized and left the room, leaving me and Lisa alone. "Jennie eonnie is actually really kind... She's just really like a bitch when she's pissed." Lisa told me.

I just laughed. "Gomawo..." I said and turned to her. She smiled at me sweetly. "You have a meeting after this right?" Lisa asked. I nodded as I looked at the clock. "It's in 45 minutes... Do you wanna grab some drinks before going?" Lisa offered. "Sure." I replied and we both walked out of the office.

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