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     JAZEON HAS BEEN FEELNG A LOT ANXIOUS LATELY, HAVING LACK OF SLEEP And concentration, he didn't look healthy, he looked like when he was back to the days where he was bullied

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     JAZEON HAS BEEN FEELNG A LOT ANXIOUS LATELY, HAVING LACK OF SLEEP And concentration, he didn't look healthy, he looked like when he was back to the days where he was bullied. Maybe you know why Jazeon has been acting this way lately.

It comes out obvious. The little boy was playing him, Making him have worse nightmares and scares. To be honest, Jazeon felt like he was losing his mind. A lot has been happening lately, The events and tragical situations Jazeon had to survive through.

You might guess why? He hasn't mentioned it but the first Quidditch game would he happening in a few more days, And he thinks he was not ready not worth to play. It was kinda sad how Jazeon thinks of himself that low.

But back to the happenings, Jazeon was spending his time in Astronomy Tower more often than hanging out in public with random people greeting him. He was new to all of it, he hasn't been really known that cool before. Hell, he thinks He's not cool at all.

Noone might know but inside, Jazeon was depressed, it doesn't seem surprising. But the problem here was Jazeon was now considering on hurting himself, or even commit Suicide. Then a picture of young boys and girls from the orphan smiling and waving at him came to his head, It made him hesitate.

The kids were so important to him, He remembered back then, he would give his food to those young kids who didn't deserve the awful world, kids were innocent, and so was he.

Then another image of his grandparents came to his mind, which made him snap out of the Suicide idea, he remembered there were still people who cared for him, and he didn't want those people to be upset especially him being the reason.

He just couldn't stand seeing them upset over him, it made his heart break, despite it being cold and dark, it was still fragile with a ray of sunshine inside. The upset thing made him remember his parents, oh dear how he missed his parents. He missed the way how they correct his wrong ways.

He missed their guidance to him about the good and bad. Jazeon drops his head to his hands, sighing tiredly. His face was sunken, 'Tired' was screaming in his face, there were bags under his eyes, he looked wildly stressed.

Jazeon shook his head while rubbing his hands against his face but not to hard for it to bruise.

"What are you doing here all alone?" A female voice interrupted his thoughts. Jazeon flinched a little, he didn't expect anyone other than him to be up there at 4:00 am in the morning.

Jazeon turned around only to be met by a pair of matching pale blonde hair like his. It was a girl who probably just reached below his mouth, she was rather short for her age in Jazeon's opinion.

"I can ask you the same thing Ms Palmer." Jazeon replied, turning around, lucky for him, he didn't look that awful. She looked like a mess, her hair was all over the place, her eyes were still drooping, Yet her eyes were a pair of magical blue.

"You look awful." She said, chuckling as she settled beside him, her hands on the open window leaning like Jazeon. Jazeon Didn't take offense to this, he knows who This girl was, she was his distant relative from his grandmother's side.

Instead of being mad and tell her that he was offended like any other emotional teens, he just gave a low laugh.

"And so do you, Pan." Jazeon told her, A smile had achieved his face as he looked out the midnight view of Hogwarts, it looked so fascinating honestly.

"I know." She answered, Jazeon smiled and looked at her.

"What got you woken up at this time of day?" Jazeon asked, his grammatical French and Bulgarian side showing. Pandora yawned, she looked like she needed more sleep.

"Bloody Roomates." Pandora replied bitterly, she didn't like her roomates, they were so plastic and so fake, she could see and sense.

Jazeon's eyebrows furrowed, he knows exactly who Pandora's roomates was, and he also didn't exactly like those girls.

"Why don't you just ask Professor Flitwick to move you into another dorm if they're bothering you so much?" Jazeon asked, clearly annoyed of those girls. Pandora just huffed in annoyance, the annoyance wasn't for Jazeon, but for those girls.

"And what? Let them spread rumours about me? No thanks." Pandora spoke woth disgust. Jazeon sighed, he was getting clearly very annoyed, every chance he gets to speak to Pandora, She would always ramble about how her roomates were the actual worse than hell.

"You know, Rumours do sucks." Jazeon agreed. Pandora nodded thoughtfully, calming down.

"You know, For a boy who doesn't talk much, you do know a lot." Pandora said, a small grin morphing to her features.

"What can I say? I'm just meant to be rumoured by." Jazeon said, turning to Pandora with a grin. Pandora groaned at his nonsensing pun or joke or whatever that was.

Jazeon just sent her a cheeky smile as he opened his arms for her, Pandora pretended to groan, but she soon enough went to his warms as Jazeon wrapped his arms around her, kissing her in the forehead in the process.

They watched the sun rising slowly in comfortable silence. Jazeon treated Pandora like she was his little sibling he never had.

"You know, I don't get why you hate some of my jokes and puns. I mean, They're absolutely amazing!" Jazeon exclaimed while he still had her in his arms, his chin on top of her head. Pandora looked up from their comfortable position.

"You think your Jokes and Puns are amazing? Sorry to break it to you Jaze, but you suck." She remarked. (the italicised word above is sarcasm incase you don't know) A revealing smirk appeared into Jazeon's features.

"Pandora, I thought you know me well but—" Jazeon trailed off, The smirk growing bigger ever word. "I don't suck, I swallow." Jazeon said, Causing Pandora to groan.

"And incase you don't know;  98% of the human population, People Swallow, not suck." Jazeon said, grinning at her.

"Whatever, Jaze. You always have comebacks, and you know it's annoying right?" Pandora told.

"Of course I do, that's why I say comebacks in the first place." Jazeon said.

"Really? Just to annoy me?" She asked, already annoyed.

"Just anything to cheer you up and lift the mood." Jazeon replied, both falling into comfortable silence once again.

Maybe, just maybe, He cane still have his family back. . .

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