Chapter 18

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I groaned as I felt myself slipping back into consciousness. My head hurt like hell, but somehow, I felt better than I'd ever been in the mountain. My head was spinning, yet my stomach wasn't feeling empty anymore. I woke up in the same old bunk bed, in the same old dorm. However, it was only Monty and I in the dorm.
"What happened?" I asked, making Monty turn around, facing me. He walked up to my bed, looking slightly relieved.
"They brought you in last night, unconscious. I don't know what happened," Monty explained. This made no sense. What had happened after I passed out?
"Where are everyone else?" I asked.
"In the dining hall. It's lunch time. I stayed behind, waiting for you. Let's go," Monty said, starting to walk out of the dorm. I quickly followed, still fixed on not eating.

After lunch, everyone dissolved, breaking off in to their own little groups. Before I knew it, Jasper had grabbed my arm, leading me somewhere in the mountain. Jasper and I entered Dante's office. It was dark, full of what looked like expensive stuff art. I looked at both Dante and Jasper curiously, trying to make sense of this. Why were we in his office? What good would that do?
"Thank you for coming," Dante said, interrupting my train of thought. "I've been told you visit medical three or four times a day, asking about Clarke."
"Yeah. No one'll let me see her," Jasper replied. Oh, the good old question. Where was Clarke?
"That's because she's no longer here," Dante said, finally sparking my interest. She had made it out. Gosh, she was lucky. "Clarke ran away. I tried to convince her that she was safe here, but she couldn't stop looking for enemies when she was among friends."
"I'm sorry I don't mean to be disrespectful, but... Clarke wouldn't just abandon us," Jasper said, but I hardly listened. Clarke had gotten out. She was going to get us help. She was going to get us out.
"I only wish that was the case," Dante said.
"Are you looking for her?" I asked, wanting to know how much time Clarke had to get back to the others.
"I can't risk the lives of my people to bring back someone who doesn't want to be here. I hope you can understand that," Dante said, making me smile ever so slightly.
"Perfectly," I said, as Jasper only nodded, clearly in shock.
"What I can do is let you go after her yourself." Both me and Jasper looked at Dante, wondering whether he was seeing serious or not. This could be an opportunity to get out. This could be my rescue. My escape.
"Can I come back?" Jasper asked, idiotically. Well, what can you expect from a kid who used to wear goggles?
"Of course you can," Dante said, sounding as cynical as ever. "Jasper this is your home now. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like."
"When can we go?" I asked Dante as he was walking towards his office door. He turned around, before smiling.
"Any time you want."

It didn't take long for us to make our way back to the dorm. We had to tell Monty. He needed to know that Clarke was going to get us help. What she was going to help us escape. As we entered the dorm, we quickly spotted our 'target'.
"Monty," I yelled so loud, the entire dorm turned around. Monty looked at us for a second, before walking towards us.
"So?" He asked, clearly knowing where we went. Maybe Jasper had told him beforehand.
"Dante said Clarke escaped, she's not in the mountain anymore. He says we're free to go after her anytime we want," I said quickly, making Monty furrow his brows.
"And you believe him?" He asked in return, clearly skeptical. I opened my mouth to answer, however Jasper managed to beat me to it.
"Yes, I believe him. Clarke left us, Monty. She faked being crazy to get into medical, then took off," Jasper said. What faith towards Clarke.
"We need to go after her," Monty said, looking at Jasper, almost with puppy eyes.
"Dante says we can go after her anytime we want. Whether it's true or not, we'll find out soon enough," I said. Something shifted in Monty's gaze. I looked behind me to see Maya walking towards us. Of course. Every time we would talk about escaping, she'd turn up. As if she had a sixth sense about it. That's when Monty turned around, going to his bed, before starting to pack.
"Where are you going?" Jasper asked, sounding slightly tired of Monty.
"The drop ship for starters," Monty said. I quickly followed his steps, walking towards my own bed, not far away, starting to pack my own things.
"I just heard. You're leaving?" Maya asked, sounding as if she might cry any minute.
"Yes, we are," Monty replied coldly, continuing to pack.
"No, we're not," Jasper almost yelled at him. Maya really had him wrapped around her finger.
"What would Clarke do?" Monty asked in return. Making everyone silent for just a moment.
"You can't. It's too dangerous," Maya said, further convincing Jasper not to go.
"Don't worry. I'm a coward," Jasper said, making me chuckle. For once, he got something right. I had packed all my belongings, getting ready to go.
"You're not. You're smart," Maya convinced Jasper. They were so... vomit inducing. "You can't make her come back."
"Monty's right. She'd go after me. Why am I so scared to do the same thing?" He said. Everyone went silent again. Everything was right for just a moment, until I heard Jasper's scared voice once again. I looked over to the couple, before seeing Maya shaking. Not long after the radiation alarm sounded. Maya stormed towards the door to the dorm, trying to get out.
"What do we do?" Monty asked in panic. What could we do? She was the enemy after all. None of the door were working. Maya panicked, her face almost completely covered in blisters. It looked rather disgusting. Jasper and Monty started screaming for help. I only stood still, not sure how to act.

Not before long, their cries of help were heard. Someone came in and out Maya in the hospital, trying to treat her wounds. She looked horrible. Good thing there weren't any mirrors in the hospital. Whilst dr. Tsing, or whatever her name was, informed us of Maya's status, Jasper, Monty and I all stood at the foot of her bed, wondering whether she'd live through the might.
"What does that mean?" Jasper asked, probably on behalf of all of us. "Is there a non-standard treatment?" This made dr. Tsing look up from her clipboard.
"There is one thing we could try," she said, sounding as if she had ulterior motives.
"What're you waiting for?" Jasper asked, panic evident in both tone and face.
"It's... unorthodox," she explained. Something was definitely wrong with the treatment. "Because you were raised in space, your circulatory systems developed the ability to filter radiation out of your blood. Now, it's just a theory. But if we were to circulate Maya's blood through your system..."
"...she would get better," Jasper said, completing the doctor's sentence. She nodded at him.
"What happens to him?" Monty asked in return, finally asking the good questions. Dr. Tsing looked at him for a moment before answering.
"We're not sure." Great. So this was basically just a suicide mission. Jasper looked at Maya, clearly debating whether to do it or not.
"I know that look. Don't even think about it," Monty commanded. I was beginning to like him more and more. Finally someone with a brain. "It's too dangerous."
"I'm in."

As dr. Tsing got ready to do the procedure, nerves were rising. Jasper laid on a medical bed next to Maya, Monty and I by their side. Not that I cared that much about either of them.
"You sure about this?" Monty asked for the millionth time. "I know you like her, but her blood is about to go into your body." The way Monty described it made it see, even more creepy. Just as we all turned to look at Maya, she started seizing, her body throwing itself around the bed, making both Monty and I take a step back. It was clear to everyone that if Jasper didn't do this, she would die. The doctors shot a needle in her, making her calm down.
"We need to do this now," dr. Tsing said.
"Jasper," Monty tried.
"She can't die," Jasper said, making Monty give up. "Let's do this." Dr. Tsing proceeded to inject a large needle in Jasper's neck. Truly, it looked absolutely disgusting and terrifying. Dr. Tsing started up a machine and not before long, Maya's blood started to circulate in to Jasper. The whole room went silent. That's when Jasper started to get this weird look on his face.
"What is it? What's wrong?" Monty asked, slightly in panic. Jasper only chuckled.
"It's like," Jasper started saying. He looked high. "I... I feel nice." Yep, he was definitely high.
"Maya's been heavily sedated. You will of course feel the effect too," dr. Tsing affirmed our theory, making Monty calm a bit. "It's perfectly normal." Something about that seemed sketchy.
"If you've never done this before how do you know?" I asked, making dr. Tsing silent for just a moment. One joyful moment.
"You're right. I should've said 'It's to be expected'. This will take a while. Why don't you two head back to your room?" Dr. Tsing almost demanded, looking at me, then Monty. "I'll send for you once he's awake." At the exact same time, Monty and I sat down on the two chairs behind us. Not. Going. Anywhere.
"Shouldn't you be getting some beauty sleep? A girl can always never get too much," dr. Tsing directed that at me. I only leaned back, looking at her, pissed beyond measure. She sure could use some.
"Don't piss off the diabolical ones."

As some voices started to talk in the room, I slowly woke up. Maya was awake, perfectly fine. She was sitting in her bed. Jasper was awake as well, but just as he was starting to sit up, he threw up. I gagged a bit at his actions. Blood, I could handle. Death, I would handle. Vomit, not so much. Now the mountain men knew how our blood could heal them. What would they do to us now?

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