Chapter 22: Trainer Minho

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"That hurt!" Hyunjin complained as Minho kicks his waist. "I thought that this was just training?"

"Trust me, he's still going mild on you," Woojin said, laughing. "This is why you had a bigger breakfast than the rest of us."

They started training Hyunjin physically. Fortunately, he quickly felt better after 10 hours of rest in bed so they were able to proceed with training immediately.

Woojin's house has a training room downstairs. Apparently there's four floors in his house– basement, underground, first floor and the second floor, and the training room's at the underground.

"We've just practically started, geez." Minho places both hands on his hips. He's wearing a white v neck tee shirt and black sweatpants while Hyunjin's wearing a black hoodie and gray sweatpants, already sweating severely. "I just tested your passive strength. Let's start with the real training."

"I'll be upstairs," Woojin said and left the room.

"This is amusing to watch," Seungmin said, eating popcorn that Woojin made for him. He already finished a bag for breakfast, now he's having his second for snack. "I mean, my hyung is so weak!"

"You're calling me hyung a lot now huh?"

"I told you I would."

"All right," Minho said, getting both of their attentions. "We'll start with stance first."

Hyunjin nodded his head and waited for him to continue.

"You have to have one leg straight at the back and the one forward should be slightly bent until you're eye leveled with your opponent," Minho said, doing the stance. "Also, keep your arms near your body and don't hold your fist too tight when you're not attacking."

Hyunjin copied the stance and actually did a perfect one so Minho just continued. "Make sure that your body is slightly turned sideways so that it'll be easier for you to move and so that it will be easier for you to tense your body– your obliques to be precise without sucking in your stomach. The fist that's forward should be the same as the foot. If you're left foot is forward, left fist should be too."

"You're doing well," Minho told Hyunjin.

"That's just stance." Seungmin huffed, munching on his popcorn.

"You're just jealous since you did horrible on your first time."


Hyunjin snickered but immediately pursed his lips when he saw Minho's firm expression. "How would I know which hand should I use?"

"Find out which is your dominant hand. It should be near your chin while the non-dominant should be near your eye."

"Isn't this a boxing position?" Hyunjin asked, an eyebrow raised. He did the position, using his right as his dominant side.

"You'll learn a lot more later."

"Now that you know about stance, let's proceed to defense. Try to block my attacks."

"Oh shit," Seungmin gushed and laughed to himself, obviously thrilled about what's happening.

"Focus on the feet and of course the arms. The side that's going to throw the punch will have its arm slightly back. If left foot goes forward, then right fist will attack."

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