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Hey everyone! I'm gonna be on a road-trip for three days starting this Thursday, I'm gonna write a few chapters ahead and upload them when I get back! :) enjoy today's chapter! :)

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"How many weeks left?" Daisy asked, we were sitting at lunch together

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"How many weeks left?" Daisy asked, we were sitting at lunch together. My cast or "support" was off, but I still couldn't play any football.

"Just 4 more weeks, so a month." I stated, once I said it out loud, I realized that it's actually not that short of a time.

But hey, ever since I got injured my Biology grades have never been better, I've had time to study.

She groaned, "I can't handle that team without you" she stated, I smiled

"You and Tanner seem to be friends, that's good" I said, She and Tanner stopped being up each others throats ever since the game.

Maybe before? I don't know.

"But there's still James, Cody, Kevin, Dylan, the rest of the team aren't really that welcoming" She said

She has a point.

"Well just wait on them, they'll come around" I said.

"Guys, I have to talk to you" Katherine said, sitting down next to me. "It's important." She added

"What's up?" Daisy said

"It's about Zack" Katherine said, Zack? What does Zack have to do with anything? "You shouldn't be dating him, Daisy" She said

Daisy and Zack are dating? Is she out of her mind?

"What? Why not? He's a great guy!" Daisy said, getting all defensive.

"Zack is plotting something against you, apparently he was on the team and you joining was the reason he was kicked out" Katherine explained.

It's true, it's called the 'Zack Fiasco'

"That's probably fake, right Kyle? It's fake right?" Daisy asked, looking at me with pleading eyes.

I gulped, I can't lie to Daisy, Zack will hurt her, I don't want to see her hurt, but I couldn't bring myself to say it.

I didn't want to be the one to tell her.

"Kyle?" Daisy asked, with a small voice.

"It's not fake" I said, her eyes saddened, she looked like she's about to cry.

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