Chapter 1: The Bet

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"Thor, i bet you that you cant go one minute without your hammer" You say in a proud manner.

"What is the price?" Thor challenges.

"A tenner" You are English.

"Mhmhm, you"

You stared at him confused.

"You like Loki don't you? He needs a slave"

"... How long for?"


This stunned you... and Loki who was stood behind you the whole time.

"Thor, why are you playing silly games like this with a woman?"

You ignore him. "your minute starts now!"

The first 30 seconds was silent... For you, it was agony... little did everyone know you was completely head over heels for Loki, God of Mischief.


Thor never let go of his hammer... he had it under the blood red cape the whole time.

"Well, you never know if Elf's come back or any other creature!"

Well, your freedom was utterly gone from sight.

Thor laughed and vanished from sight, leaving you... and Loki.

"Well, (y/n) this is an unfortunate turn of events"

You raised your eyebrows agreeing.

"Come on slave"

Of course, you followed with no complaints.

"You know, just because your officially mine does not mean that you have to be silent"

You simply nodded.

Loki gave you a mischievous smile that worried you.


"Yes, (y/n)"

You held the silence a little.

"Out of all the years i have lived in the kingdom, i now feel like i don't know you"

He laughed a little, but it sounded like he knew what you meant.

Loki lead you to his room where you thought that you was going to get various tasks like, 'clean this,' 'fold that' but no...

"Dress me"

**to be continued**

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