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There is a story about a girl.

It is said she was bound to be one of the boldest, and mighty guardians of Wakanda.

The story also said she was not of this world, or any world humans knew about. A world where maybe, such misfortune that befell her would not have existed.

But what the stories do not say is that this girl, who was destined for greatness, threw it away. She made a choice, a decision to leave her home and pursue a dream she was not allowed to have.

It is thought she spends her days in a big city, away from her family, resenting them for the life they raised her in. She did not know they only wanted her to be safe.

So, she forgot about them, they thought. But only her father knew of the trouble, pain and sacrifice that she endured.

But even he did not know how much it broke her.

In every legend, every story, every whisper of it, the girl leads to one thing;


I am that girl, and I carry the weight of the world, so they don't have to.

UNRAVELLED ~ STEVE ROGERS [3]Where stories live. Discover now