Feeling slightly at ease I sat down on my rock and threw a couple of pebbles one at a time to distract myself. I decided to start some small talk to get to know this mysterious man in the forest. I could die right now but I don't care anymore; and now being what I can only assume a demon, I doubt I can die easily; or at all.

"So you trying to figure out your problems too?" I say chuckling.

"Yeah I guess you could say that, I mainly come here for comfort."

His voice contained a thick accent which I recognize as Irish. His voice was smooth as he talked with ease in his voice. His voice drew me in somehow, I was intrigued by this mystery man with his hood still up, as he was looking down into the creek.

"Not much of a talker huh?" I asked trying to break the ice. Which is more of a 100 foot glacier at this point.

"Nah, not really. I'd rather enjoy the moment with someone than let talking get in the way."

I decided to tease him a little bit to lighten the mood. "Ooh, so this is a date now? I can see it, romantic afternoon by the creek between two strangers who have never met. As they sit on their side of the creek they fall head over heels with each other as they fall asleep in each other's arms while watching the star—well fog I guess in this case." I said laughing to myself at the last part.

He started laughing with me and even though his head was down towards the creek I swore I saw his smile. His smile is beautiful, bright straight teeth. Wait is that a f— no it can't be that. I thought to myself.

He laughed again and said to himself "Thanks sweetheart, you're not to bad yourself." He knew I heard him, and I looked away and tried to hide my blush. Wait, how'd he know what I was thinking?

He chuckled once more at my embarrassed reaction to his statement. I was starting to feel more comfortable around him, he noticed me easing into his presence as well. Then I realized he is comfortable around me. He shouldn't, he probably saw me obtain my new permanent features. Knowing any sane person he probably would have seen me and ran; why didn't he? Is he like me?

As if he read my mind, which he probably did, he then said to me, "You know we're not to different you and me."

"Oh really? How?"

He then looked up and straight at me; I could mostly see his face but it was still shadowed by the hood. I think I can see his beautiful eyes. His intriguing eyes. He pulled down his hood completely to show his whole face with nothing in the way blocking it.

I scanned his face; every feature, every piercing, every detail.

His faded green hair.
His blue eye and green eye.
His black gauges.
A cut across is throat with dried blood maybe how he died and became a demon?
Slight green tint to his skin.
His aura that seems to draw you in.
Obviously a demon.

Wait, why am I so calm?

His aura seemed different though. It seemed to have been hurt, abused, broken, but his aura was still kind and friendly though. I'm fully aware he is probably trained in hunting or killing and has a knife and could kill me at any moment but I have a feeling that he wouldn't.

He caught my gaze and said to me "Like what you see?" He winked. I giggled and blushed even harder. I looked down at my hands and realized something.

He seems familiar. I can't put my finger on it but he is familiar to me.

C'mon you've got to try harder. You know you've seen me before, think. Where?

I heard his voice in my head. I looked back up at him but he has focused on the water. He was now sitting criss-cross on the rock. He put a few fingers in the water watching the water crash against his fingers.

Until I realized something. "You never told me your name."

He looked back up at me "You never told me yours." He said with a evil grin.

I know that evil grin anywhere.


Looks like you found me. Surprise.

A/N: First chapter! What did you guys think? I stayed up until 2 in the morning writing this lol

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A/N: First chapter! What did you guys think? I stayed up until 2 in the morning writing this lol. I hope you guys enjoy! See you in the next chapter! ❤️

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