Darkness Ch.1

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I felt an uncontrollable darkness overcome me. I felt my veins be flooded with a darkness that I couldn't control. I looked down at my hands as I turned them over to look at my palms. My normally blue and purple veins showing threw my skin where now black and grey. My normal tan-beige skin is now a light grey. My normal white cuticles are now a pitch black.

I suddenly pulled out my phone from my sweatshirt pocket and opened my camera app. I looked at my eyes and where there used to be white, was black. Where my eyes where brown are now pink. Where my pupils where black are now bright green. My teeth have now replaced four regular ones for razor sharp fangs. I turn off my phone and shoved it back into my pocket. I looked down at my ripped black jeans and black converse as my eyes swelled with tears of confusion and fear. My tears fell into my hands as I noticed my tears are black as well.

I turned back around to the creek that my back was turned to. I sat back down on the rock I was sitting on before. I looked at my reflection one more time to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I had saw pink seeping through the roots of my hair, and staining my normal dirty blonde locks of hair, pink.

I pulled up my black hoodie over my head and saw the line of my lips tint black and the rest of my lips grey. My lips actually look good for once, who knew I could pull off grey lips?

I sat back on the rock and just stared at the forest around me. I was feeling sad and wanted to be alone so I came here. That was when this all happened. To be honest I sat here for a hour and had turned to go back home when this all happened.

I leaned over again to see myself as my tongue started to burn. I stuck out my tongue soon saw it has split down the middle like a snake. With my new demon and snake-like features I wondered what got me into this mess. I started to lightly hyperventilate, slowly starting to freak out.

I was sitting on the large flat rock that I usually sit on that rests on the bank of the creek as I was reminded why I was here again. I had been called annoying again, my friends told me to "fuck off" yet another time; but then where friendly to me the next period, and acted all fun and games at lunch. People who barely new me called me weird once again. My "friends" joked and called me anorexic for the hundredth time. And of coarse this all had to land on a day where it was already hard to get out of bed that morning. Some days getting out of my room and going outside is hard for me. That's why I come here because I'm alone and the sound of the creek calms me as the breeze runs through the valley of trees. I was wishing they would just leave me alone and not bother me anymore. I wanted everyone to leave me alone. That's went I turned around and was going to head back home when I felt this happened to me.

I heard a snap of twigs in front of me in the forest on the other side of the creek. I snapped my head up to see the source of the sound. It was overcast and foggy outside; but with my new "features" I was able to see clearer. I thought I had saw a silhouette of someone but they darted behind a few trees and disappeared.

I stood up and scanned the other side of the creek once more. Without thinking, I hissed like a snake, claiming this was my territory; like a primal animal. I heard a snap of twigs once again, it was closer now. My unknown-until-now primal instincts kicked in I kept scanning the area trying to pick up a scent or seeing any tracks. Until I saw the same silhouette come out from the trees slowly walking towards the creek. Why am I acting like this? What is happening to me?

This person was wearing a black hoodie, ripped black jeans, and black converse. Oh god, we were matching; how awkward to find a mysterious person in the woods and be wearing the same outfit. I pulled down my hood and watched this person carefully. I stood up straighter as this-I think is a man- kept slowly walking towards the creek. He finally came to a stop and sat at a rock across from mine and put a hand in the water. It was almost like he was gauging the temperature of the water for reasons I am completely unaware of.

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