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HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃 To the people who celebrate!! Because I'm so very thankful for all the reads, I put all the time I had into this chapter. Even tho it's not good, I still hope you enjoy after that break I had. But anyways Happy thanksgiving (and turkey 🦃 day)

David POV

"Wait, what?!" I Said, genuinely confused. She's got to be kidding!
"Well, I'm starting to lose more and more money caring for you, and your dad and his wife are living ok..." she started.
"So we decided it's best you move with us. It's not that far from your mothers house, and I'm sure you can begin to accept me as a father." He said. They're both crazy if they think I moving in with him. I'm 16, I can care for my own self!
"But you don't even care for me? All you do is go out and hook up wi-"
"That's enough! You're moving with me and that's final. Just go start getting your things ready. I have to talk to your mom anyways." He said, clearly annoyed. But, I didn't do that. I instead put clothes on and left out my window. The fall was pretty hard but it was worth it.
Because it was only 8:30, I grabbed my backpack and headed to school as school only started 30 minutes ago.

"Mr. Dobrik, do you have an excuse for being late?" Said mrs. Hall as I walked into first period.
"I don't have one, so can I get to my seat?" I replied.
"Go ahead." She said sighing. I still don't understand why teachers do that.


That was the longest hour of my life. Language arts with mrs. Hall is not the best class to be in. But my third period is worse. Alex and a couple of his friends are in there and after yesterday's incident, I'm not prepared to face them. As I walked out of class, mrs. Hall stopped me.
"Are you ok David? You seemed spaced out this morning and missed my class yesterday." She said. Oh crap, she's onto me.
"Yeah I'm fine. I was just really sick yesterday, I think it was something I ate, I don't know." I replied.
"Ok... if you say so. If anything happened come talk to me or the counselor."
"Got it" and then I left. Not really much to it besides the fact that I started walking to my next class.
When I arrived, Alex and his friends all stared. I ignored it and walked to my seat, not that confused as they probably figured I wasn't gonna be here. I rested my head on the desk and waited for the teacher to start class. This is no surprise as he's always late. But before I could even get more into thought, the wild bitches of the west came knocking on my desk.
"What do you want?" I Said
"What? I can't talk to you?" Said Alex.
"Seriously, what do you want?"
He set a whole bunch of papers on my desk as did his minions.
"This all needs to be done by next week." He said
"Wait, I'm not doing your homework. You must be high if you believe that." I replied
"Yes you are. And if i don't get a good grade, your dead." He said
"In your dreams!"
"This is reality babe. Get used to it." He said, and then walked away. Who tf is he calling babe?! And they're crazy if they think I'm finishing their homework.

Halfway through class, the teacher gets a call.
"David, you're wanted in the office." He said. That is no doubt my mom or dad. Walking through the halls made me realize the situation I was in. Moving with my dad, Alex and his minions, my life. It's all just gone bad. But it decided to take a big ass turn today and it's not the good kind either.
"There you are! Me and your mom were worried. Why did you do that!" Said my dad. I just shrugged my shoulders.
"Well let's go get your stuff, we're going home. Your new home!" He said, dragging me out of the office.


Words: 700

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