(25) the Spirit Festival

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" Virgil, Virgil, Virgil!"
Miss Rose called out behind Virgil rushing up towards him

"Huh? What's the matter mis Rose?"

" the kids. we lost the kids!"
She said in a panic

" take a deep breath. What happened"

" the kids. you know the ones under 5? we rallied them all of them all up in one area and gave them games to play with. I turned my back for one second and when I look back... they were all gone"

" don't worry I know what to do them back"

Virgil walked over to the field and laid on the ground and closed his eyes.

Next thing you knew. the kids were running, crawling, and rolling out of the woods. and went over to tackle Virgil who is still on the ground.

" see I told you we'll get them back"
Virgil said well most the kids climbed on top of him.

[..... really?]

*^* well with all my experience in my life with kids. If you lay in the ground they will come and Tackle you then start to smack you it is hilarious. when  it isn't happening to you*^*


After while Virgil and Miss Rose got the kids back to where they were supposed to be

Virgil set downstairs to play with them. until he heard a noise coming from the woods.
it sounded like ....... crying?
It sounded like a newborn baby crying.

Virgil got up and walked over to where he was the sound

There was a newborn baby. one day old except.... she was a spirit a new one at that ...........just died


This is this is when newborn looks likeExcept a bit smaller and by that I mean a lot

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This is this is when newborn looks like
Except a bit smaller and by that I mean a lot.*^*

Virgil scooped up the little Spirit cradling her in his arms

Her crying quickly stops and she starts cooing
Virgil Smiles warmly as he walks back

" Miss Rose?"

"Yes v-"

Miss Rose gasps as she looks at the newborn baby

Virgil smile sadly

Miss Rose says in a soft voice

Virgil looks down at the baby girl and smiles
" I'm thinking of naming her petunia"

" choosing so early are we?"
Miss Rose says in a soft voice as she walks up the Virgil

" I don't care. I'll take care of her I give my word I will."

The baby petunia giggles.

" in 3 days your birthday will come. You'll be 18 and will be able to give away the promise kiss."

" 3 days is too long.... I cannot ask her to wait that long"

"So you already chose someone?"

" you know it doesn't work like that"

" yeah. I know. every time you kiss them you can feel the magic. it doesn't have to be the promised kiss. but every time you kiss them you still feel it"

" yeah. I guess we'll have a beautiful baby girl"
Tears form in Virgil's eyes and pour down his cheeks

" I hope you have a nice wedding"

" so he's giving up a lot of for the little girl isn't he"
The blonde haired girl with flowers says

" what do you expect from Virgil. He finds a random baby decides he's going to give up everything for her .................that's just Virgil"
Emily says

Blonde haired girl with flowers and Emily both sitting on a tree watching Miss Rose and Virgil talk.
Virgil holds petunia close to his chest. She Fades into petunias and a necklace forms on Virgil neck

Its a chained necklace. that leads down to a raindrop looking figure of rose colored glass. with a yellow petunia in it.

Virgil Smiles holding it in his hand

"Good bye Miss Rose. hope to see you again"

" till we meet again. Virgil"
Miss Riley says smiling as Virgil walks back to the house

Virgil sneaks back into his room and collapses on the bed

He checks his phone
It's 12:00am


Virgil raps into his blankets and quickly fall asleep
Hey guys

So I may have or may not have..... stocked one of you and found her accounts on Amino

Hi An introverted girl
I think I spelled that right.
I'm sorry if I spelt that wrong

So I stocked a reader of mine and by that I mean I randomly actually found her and talk to her and now I have the names of the characters I'm going to use in the new story making.

I hope to become better friends with you in the future and seriously thank you for helping me out with those names it was killing me

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