Chapter Thirty Seven

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My breathing was laboured.
Closing my eyes as the euphoric high began to slowly fade, I gently rested my forehead against Blayze's warm, water splattered one.
My legs felt like jelly, leaving Me to feel certain that if He wasn't holding Me up, I'd have crumpled in a heap on the shower floor by now.
"You okay there?"
A smile pulled my lips upwards, my inner Diva pleased that apparently Blayze too was rather spent from the slightly breathless edge to his voice.
Thankfully He was still able to hold the both of us up.
"I'm good."
I muttered, moving my head so that I could rest it against his shoulder.
Blayze's slightly breathless laughter rocked Me.
I snapped my eyes open, the reality of our situation washing down on Me, like the warm shower water that was currently spraying over our connected bodies.
I shifted, making an effort to climb back down to my own two feet and Blayze helped Me down to the white tiles of our shower floor.
"If we get pregnant again, it's your fault!"
I scolded, wrapping my arms around my ribs.
An expression of alarm took over his features, only marginally tainted by the fact that he had trails of water rolling down his face and his raven hair was plastered all over his head due to how soaked it was.
Just as quickly as the fearful expression arose, Blayze managed to shake it off, literally giving his head a shake and spraying even more water around.
I cringed and lifted a hand to wipe my eyes, where the drops irritated them.
"We won't."
He declared, reaching past Me to grab a bottle of shampoo from the wall hanger.
"You can predict the future now, can you?"
I asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.
He squeezed a fairly large amount of the slightly purple tinted shampoo onto his left palm and shot Me a confident smile that was more like a smirk as He lifted the shampoo bottle back over my head and into the carrier.
"Yesterday I checked that app you've got on your phone."
He explained.
I frowned.
He did what?
He gently grabbed my left shoulder with his right hand and urged Me to turn around.
Frowning in bewilderment, I obeyed, carefully turning around to face the frosted glass wall of the shower.
Surprise hit Me when I felt his hands place something gooey onto my head and then He began to massage the substance around.
Realising it was the Shampoo He'd just put into his hand, I hurriedly squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting the soapy suds to drip into my eyes.
"You checked my app?"
I asked, finally finding my voice again
He agreed, rubbing the Shampoo all over my head.
When his fingers began to massage my scalp, I reconsidered telling him off for gate crashing my shower.
"According to that app, you're not meant to start the dangerous part of your cycle for another two to four days."
Blayze explained.
Don't Men normally think the 'dangerous' part of a Woman's cycle is when she's on her Period?
Eyes widening, I whipped around to face my idiot Fiancé.
"Are you telling Me the app said I'm set to start my monthlies in two to four days?!"
I demanded, not caring in the slightest how ridiculous I probably looked with a mop of Shampoo foam on top of my head.
Blayze looked at Me in bewilderment.
I blinked.
"Isn't that what you mean by Dangerous?"
I asked, frowning.
He rolled his eyes and stepped aside to give Me room under the warm shower spray, before guiding Me to stand underneath it.
"You're moody when that's the case, not dangerous."
He replied.
Frowning, I lifted my hands to help the water rinse the soapy suds our of my hair.
"So by Dangerous, you mean...?"
I asked, prompting him to elaborate.
"The part where we can conceive."
He explained, lifting a hand to once again grab the Shampoo bottle from the rack.
"So we're in the clear?"
I checked, giving my hair another vigorous rinse.
He agreed, squirting another helping of Shampoo into his palm.
Thank god.
We don't need another Baby yet.
"Your fault."
I grumbled, enjoying the warm water trickling over my head, shoulders and back.
"My fault for what?"
He asked while he lifted his hands to rub Shampoo into his own hair this time.
"For sneaking in my shower."
I muttered, reaching past him and stretching up to get the Conditioner bottle.
I always had to lift my arm to reach the damn little plastic shelving unit.
But now with Blayze in my way, I was on my tip toes, stretching and struggling to reach the Conditioner bottle.
Blayze's blue-green eyes sparkled in amusement as He watched my struggle.
I sighed, taking a step backwards and placing myself back under the comforting shower spray.
"Can you pass Me the Conditioner, please?"
I asked.
He raised a questioning eyebrow.
"But I thought I ruined your shower?"
I scoffed.
"You know that's not what I meant!"
"Okay. Then how would you be reaching said Conditioner if I wasn't in here?"
I rolled my eyes.
"I can normally reach."
I explained.
"But it's a bit hard to when I have to try and stretch past you and I'm a short ass!"
Laughing, He easily plucked the Conditioner bottle out of the rack and handed it to Me.
"Yes, You are a short ass."
He agreed, urging Me out of the way so He could use the water to rinse out His Shampoo.
"But I probably wouldn't love you if you were normal person height."
His smiling, teasing expression made it difficult to focus on his words.
I yelped, finally realising what He'd said.
Laughing, He stepped under the water stream and rinsed the Shampoo out of his hair.
"Take that back!"
I demanded, rubbing Conditioner into the long strands of my blonde hair.
"But I can't."
He denied.
He schooled his face into a serious expression.
"You're the perfect height for an arm rest when we're both standing."
He explained.
I'm going to kick his arse!
"My clothes are so big on you that it's adorably hilarious."
He continued.
"You're not listing off good things you realise!"
I scolded him, grabbing the bottle of shower gel off the floor.
"Oh, but I am."
He nodded to himself.
"I can just pick you up and move you where I want you to go, or if I need to move you out of the way. Like when you try come and steal my side of the bed."
I pushed his shoulder, trying hard to not let him see my grin.
"There are no sides when you love your Partner!"
I informed him.
"And you're full of shit, because you'd be able to move somebody bigger than I am!"
I rolled my eyes.
You only had to look at his wife shoulders and how toned his arms were to realise that!
He frowned, looking completely serious.
"Do you mind? Im trynna be romantic here and you're ruining it!"
I faltered.
Had I actually offended-?
The corner of his lips twitched.
I pushed his other shoulder this time, still getting the same affect of him not even budging, but laughing.
"Move over so I can rinse my hair and body."
I grumbled.
He stepped aside and gestured for Me to take the shower's spray.
Shaking my head, I stepped under the warm flow of water and began to rinse myself off.

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