Chapter Twenty-Six: Dinner

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     I cracked open my dry eyes to the blinding sunlight streaming through the curtains that were not closed. That send alarms off in my head, as those had never once been open since I got here. I shot up, my stomach clenching in fear. My eyes scanned the room only to find it empty. A sense of longing pulled at the corners of my heart that Percyus wasn't laying beside me. He had only slept in the same bed as me for one night, but I wished we could do it all the time. I missed the comfort of his strong form by me, calming me.

     But I knew I had for sure screwed ups this time. What was I thinking? Kissing him was a mistake. He might've initiated it, but I was so horrible that I made him stop and feel disgusted afterwards. A mate shouldn't do that, a mate should make them feel good inside. Percyus may make me feel good, heck, he made me feel better than I ever had; but it has to go both ways. Just the memory of him pulling away and looking so scared, then telling me to leave was enough to bring me to tears. My heart still aches and I wondered if his did too.

     I slowly sat up, rubbing my swollen eyes from crying. My head ached painfully behind my eyes and I hated the aftermath of prolonged crying. My hands flopped back onto the puffy sheets and I swallowed back the feeling to burst into tears again. I didn't want to get up. I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep until I die. No pain quite matched this, and I hated every bit of it. It seemed like I couldn't get some break. First, I come from my old pack, continuously had pity parties for myself and pissed away any chance at love, endured a harsh beating by Haes, then Percyus rejected our kiss and shattered my heart.

     I dreadfully swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up, using my one good arm to push myself up. With my other arm immobilized, everyday tasks seemed so much harder. The clock said six o'clock, meaning it was time for me to make breakfast for the pack. I guess it wasn't mandatory, but if it made people happy and less work for the maids, it's worth it. I stepped over to the dresser, grabbing the small, handleless detangling brush and started getting the knots out of my hair.

     I was in desperate need of a shower, but I decided to push it back until after I made breakfast. I wasn't super excited to make food, but I knew it needed to be done. Also I should clean Percyus's room to make him happy, as it was as if a tornado went through it. He hadn't touched anything all night, meaning he had never even came to bed. A thorough clean would hopefully make him less annoyed with me. The least I could do was be the obedient girl Alpha had made me to please him as my job as his mate would request.

     My job as his mate was to serve and provide for him, at least that's what I assumed. I knew as mates I would have to bear pups for him, but I doubt he'd ever have pups with me after how awful of a kisser I was. He would just get someone else to bear his pups and push me to the side. I sighed as I brushed my hair into a low ponytail, my usual look to keep the hair out of my face for cooking and chores. I didn't want to do anything too crazy to attract attention to myself, and I had no need to.

     I set the brush back down and stood up, still in yesterday's clothes. I grabbed some of the clothes the frequent teenage shoppers had bought for me and put them on. It was a pair of jeans that went all the way up to my bellybutton and a really flowy shirt with flowers on it. I had always loved flowers. I padded to the door and made my way down to the kitchen, hearing the vroom of a vacuum already.

     When I entered the kitchen I saw two ladies already busy cooking. My heart fell as I realized I had taken too long sulking in my room to come down on time. When the ladies saw me they immediately stopped their work and rushed over. I was surprised as they both bowed before smiling and talking at the same time. They babbled something about how good it was to finally meet me and how beautiful I was.

     I felt a shy blush heat my cheeks and I tucked the wispy hairs by my temples around my ears. "Thank you."

     One of the ladies held back as the other one talked, "Are you here for breakfast? We just started but we can make something special for our future Luna of course!" The woman gushed, nudging me playfully with her elbow.

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