Chapter 9

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Kayleigh's pov

"Do you have sweatpants or something I can wear, I have to get out of these jeans." I ask Shawn shortly after we started the movie.

"Yeah of course." He hops off the couch and I follow him to his bedroom. I don't really know whats's coming over me, but I desperately want him to kiss me. He hands me a pair of grey sweats. "Do you want a shirt too?" He asks kindly.

"Hmm yeah that might be nice."

I don't want to sound too needy, but he did offer. I turn around and take off my shirt just as he's turning to give me one. I turn back towards him to take and can feel Shawn's eyes gazing at me. I smile at him. "What?" I say with a little laugh. 

He drops the shirt he was going to give me on the ground and takes a few steps towards me. He stops after he is inches away from me and looks down at me and I look up at him. He puts one hand on the small of my back, just like he did at the club, however much more assertively this time. 

He pulls me closer to him and moves both of his hands up to my face, and kisses me with a passion unlike any other kiss I've ever had. I wrap my arms around his torso and spread my hands across his back. He caresses my cheek with one hand and moves the other one down my neck and back until he rests it on my waist. I take my hand to where his shirt ends and lift it up over his head. Jesus help me he has a body on him. How the fuck am I supposed to say no to that? 

I climb onto the bed still facing Shawn and sit up against the headboard. Shawn follows me and straddles my legs on either side of him. His lips crash into mine again and he picks me up and lays me down. 

I am getting lost in the kiss, forgetting all about Andy and Lauren, I don't have a single worry in the world. I move my hands down to his belt and fumble with it trying to get it off. I'm so focused on what my mouth is doing I can't seem to get it off. I started to laugh, "Why can I not get this off." Shawn chuckles and finishes the half complete job. He goes back to kissing me and I run my fingers through his hair. He pulls the covers over us and leans over to turn off the lamp.

I wake up and see Shawn sleeping peacefully. I lay there and stare at him for a bit while I register just what happened last night. I probably shouldn't hangout with Andy tonight. Even though it's a harmless dinner I wouldn't want to hurt Shawn's feelings. I can feel Shawn starting to move and I don't want him to catch me staring at him, so I close my eyes again before he can see I'm awake. 

He stays in bed for a few more minutes before standing up and putting on the sweatpants I was going to wear last night. I open my eyes and he catches me looking at him this time. "Morning." he says as he lays down on the bed on his stomach and kisses me. 

I smile as he pulls away and sit up, holding his sheets up against my skin. "So listen I have those meetings in about an hour, you're welcome to stay here, but whatever you want to do."

"Okay, I might grab a quick shower, but I might head home after if that's cool, I've got to do some work to do."

"Yeah, definitely. I'll grab you a towel." 

I finish showering and wrap the towel around myself. I grab my phone and walk to the kitchen where I find Shawn. I sit down at the island and open my phone. I have eleven texts from Sara. It looks like the paparazzi and fans released all those photos of me and Shawn last night. "Oh god." I mutter.

"What's wrong?" Shawn asks.

"There's pictures of us everywhere from last night, so I'm guessing that Lauren found out about us."

Shawn comes to sit beside me and looks at my phone. "Has she texted you or anything?"

"No, she's probably waiting for me to say something."

"I mean, I can understand why she might feel surprised, but at the end of the day me and her haven't been together for a while now. She's definitely moved on, so who knows maybe she doesn't care." Shawn suggests however I'm not convinced.

I go to get changed and get ready to leave to go back to my place. Shawn calls out to me saying that he's going to get going, "Okay I'll be right out." I call to him. 

I walk out and meet him in front of the door. I put my heels on and once I stand back up and reach for the door handle, when Shawn grabs my arms away from the door and pulls me into him. "Are you really going to leave without saying goodbye?" he smirks at me.

I smile at him, "Oh, how rude of me." I hold onto his biceps and our lips touch sending shivers down my spine. His hands hold my waist and press me into him. "Okay," I say trying not to get too swept away by his lips against mine. "I really should go."

"Ugh, if you must." Shawn sighs and gives me one more peck on the lips before he opens the door and we head out.

Authors Note

Agh they finally got together!!!! Do you like Shawn and Kayleigh together? Because I think they're so cute omg I can't. Please vote if you like! XX

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