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This is a litrpg novel, which means I'll use a bunch of nerdy gamer lingo. For the lovely folk who may be curious as to what stuff means, here ya go. (I'll probably add to this as I go, or if anyone brings up something I've missed.)

WARNING - This is the completed first draft of a book that is 20% Plan and 80% Pantzing. Expect glitches, lol. No first release was ever perfect. Also, feel free to point out any Bugs you find so the Developers can address them in the next Patch. Thanks very much for your understanding!!

EDIT - new terms added Dec 19/2019

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Add(s) - refers to all the little minion creatures that a Boss monster likes to summon. This is usually just to complicate the fight, because - why not?

Aggro - this is also sometimes referred to 'hate' in other games. In this book I'm just gonna call it aggro. Basically, it kind of refers to a monster's aggression. Some monsters wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have anger issues and are generally very hostile; so when some poor unsuspecting player gal walks by, they're all too happy to try and chew her to pieces. Thus she draws their Aggro. While she's trying to defend herself, another player feels like being her hero (in attempts to get in her good books, because she's cute and he wants to go out on a date), so he rushes in and starts beating on the monster. As it turns out, he's big and ugly and has the kind of face that can take a punch or two, so the monster decides that it would rather beat on this ugly guy. Thus this poor hero ends up pulling Aggro off of the girl. Now this isn't some helpless girl. She's not happy to let the guy take all the punishment on her behalf. So she gets out her battle axe and starts hacking away ferociously, but sadly, the hero guy has no problem holding Aggro.  At the end of the story, the girl kills the monster,  is not very happy for the guy's interference and runs off, leaving the poor guy without a girlfriend.  

AOE - means Area of Effect. An AOE skill or spell covers an area rather than a single target, and possesses the ability to affect multiple targets within the area.  Cool people often stand in the middle of town and spam their AOE skills for hours on end just to show how insanely epic their coolness factor is. Bonus points - they do it in their most dapper of outfits. 

Buff - a beneficial status that can be cast onto a person. Buffs generally increase one's basic stats, such as defense, health, strength, agility, etc. You know, there's something out there for everyone.  You can even increase your own intelligence, though as some dude once said - that's kinda hard to do when you never had much to start with. Better stick to building that brawn.

Cooldown -  refers to the length of time that must pass before you can cast a skill again.  So for example, you have this super powerful skill with an 8 minute cooldown period called Killemalldead FingerPoke. (Don't give me that look, I didn't name that skill. The crazy game devs did. Send them a bug report, maybe it was a bad typo.)  Anyway, so you have this super powerful skill. And one day, you're walking through the forest and you're ambushed by a horde of rabid squirrels. In a panic, you shriek, "Killemalldead FingerPoke!!" and with all the force of a nuclear blast, the horde of rabid squirrels is rocketed into space. Too bad for you -  you missed one, so you have no choice but to stand there and let a single rabid squirrel chew on you for 8 whole minutes. (You really should have learned another skill. For shame.) By the time the 8 minute cooldown has passed and you are able to use Killemalldead FingerPoke once more, you've already contracted rabies and it's too late. You are already frothing at the mouth and have forgotten the existence of your one and only super powerful skill. 

Debuff - the opposite of a buff. This is the kind of thing you never want to be on the receiving end of. A debuff has a very unpleasant effect, such as being poisoned, or having the unfortunate problem of constantly bleeding out of one's ears. Most Boss monsters have the ability to cast debuffs because they hate people and enjoy watching their misery.

Devs - a term that stands for the game developers; the gorgeous, extraordinarily genius people  who are responsible for designing the game. (aka - Le Moi)

DPS - this kind of has a dual meaning. It could stand for Damage Per Second, referring to the amount of damage a character is capable of. Or it could refer to a character whose class has the sole job of dealing damage and killing stuff.   

HP - stands for health points, which should should be kinda self explanatory.    

MP or Mana - refers to the magic points  characters has. It's most important to healers and mage type classes, and is basically what fuels their skills. If they go crazy and cast all their strongest skills at once like a lunatic, then they'll run out of MP or mana, and be useless until either something comes along and eats them (then they'll be dead) or their MP/mana regenerates.  

NPC - refers to Non Player Characters, which is like the fake people that populated computer games and tells your character to go kill so many of this, or go fetch that; or maybe they just stand around and look pretty because that particular spot of the game world was empty and needed something fill it.

Spawn - when something 'spawns', it literally comes into existence. Or back into existence. So monsters will spawn across the map, which means they'll pop into existence and thus repopulate any numbers that were diminished by slaughter-happy people. Or a player who ends up getting their face eaten off will spawn back into town at a safe point. 

Tank - a tank is a character whose sole job is to stand in front of his teammates and soak up all the damage, while keeping the monsters focused on himself. That way the healer only has to heal one person, and his DPS buddies can focus on attacking said monsters. It should be mentioned that tanks are built to get chewed on, and have lots of health and/or defense, so there's no need to feel sorry for them. Unless they have a bad healer. Then you can feel very sorry for them.

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