"You just gave me the impression you want to kill everyone you look at."

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PROMPT: “You just gave me the impression you want to kill everyone you look at.”

SHIP: ChanSaw

PLOT: J.D is a dickhead, and let's just say that our Heather Chandler doesn't take too kindly to jealousy.

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Heather Chandler was dating Veronica Sawyer, and everyone knew it. The demon Queen was quite possessive, and if anyone got too close to her Veronica…

Well, let's just say they may have to take a trip to the hospital. That's why Kurt and Ram have been avoiding Veronica completely, to the brunette's pleasure. But, it wasn't those two Heather was worried about.

It was the new kid, a slushie always in his hand and a trenchcoat draped over his shoulders, - seriously, did he sleep in that thing? - he was definitely suspicious to the red clad girl. Something about him set her off. She needed to find out why he kept staring at her girlfriend. She didn't come out of the closet for this shite.


The Heathers were sat at their usual lunch table, and Chandler was getting closer and closer to losing her already short temper. Why was she close? Oh, yeah, that's right. Veronica Sawyer, the light and love of Heather's life, was talking to ‘Psycho Trenchcoat Kid’, as Heather Duke had dubbed him, and it was upsetting, especially since her partber was blushing by his words that Chandler could not hear.

Meanwhile, J.D was flirting with Veronica, but the brunette was growing more and more uncomfortable by him, seeing as she has talked about Chandler multiple times. The blue girl couldn't help but blush in embarrassment, as she sighed, “Look, J.D, you're a nice guy, an' all, but..”

“But what?”

“I'm taken, by Heather Chandler.”

“Oh.” J.D suddenly pinned her to the wall, forcing her into a kiss, which Veronica was quick to knee him in the gut, “I was meant to be yours, Ronnie~” He cooed, coughing after.

“Get away, prick!”

“What? I'm way better than that bitch! Our love is God, remember!”

“No, I don't remember that at all! I'm a lesbian, Dean. L-E-S-B-I-A-N.” The trenchcoat lover continued to try to make out with her until he was grabbed by to sleeved arms - one being green-sleeved, the other being yellow-sleeved, and they dragged him back. Veronica visibly shuddered at Chandler's expression. It was like Satan was there - well, if he was female, blonde and a porn star. Chandler was screeching at him, Veroncia could swear that the boy's ears were bleeding, and Mac and Duke had earplugs in as they held him in place. The brunette had tuned out Chandler's yelling, not really wanting to go deaf. She decided to lipread her instead, making fun of it and giggling to herself.

How dare you touch her!’ She snickered.

I'm a disaster lesbian and I need to make you deaf to prove it!’ She libbed, laughing to herself. She'd always do this when waiting.

I'm going to rip your throat out, after I show you how gay I am!’ Veronica giggled, the game coming to an end as Chandler slapped J.D, and walked over to Veronica, who went rigid, “Wow,” The blue girl commented on the red girl's pissed off expression.

“What?” Chandler asked, glancing over her shoulder, where Duke and Mac had shoved J.D to the ground, returning to their lunch table.

“You just gave me the impression you want to kill everyone you look at,” The brunette giggled, as Chandler pecked her on the lips, hugging for a while.

“Not everyone, only Jesse James,” She growled, resting her head on Veronica's shoulder.

“You mean Jason Dean--”

“Same difference..” Chandler grumbled, “Why were you blushing at his comments?”

“I wasn't!” Chandler scowled at her, “Okay, maybe I was-”


“Of embarrassment! He kept flirting with me! Honestly, it was getting uncomfortable, until you, Duke and Mac stepped in.” Chandler smiled softly, leading her to the lunch table with a slightly grin.

“Well, thank Satan we did.” She commented, as Duke and Mac nodded, Veronica smiled.

Am I glad I got so lucky with a great girlfriend.’ The brunette thought, looking up at Chandler.

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