Chapter 4

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   I open my eyes, my head feeling fuzzy. The air smelled clean and the light was blinding. I sit up and the room is empty, I'm in the hospital. I sit for a while looking out the window, it was a beautiful morning. Remembering everything that happened the previous night I sigh. I don't cry. I'm not relieved, I just...don't know how to react.
   A few minutes go by before I hear the door open and a nurse walks in. "Hello (y/n), how are you feeling?" She asks kindly. I give her a small smile. "I'm okay...I think." I look off back out the window. "The Anbu will be here shortly to explain the events of last night. You passed out after seeing your home. Would you like some water?" I nod my head yes and she gives me a smile before leaving the room.

   "Your father rampaged. He was heavily intoxicated when he attacked everyone and he's being held at the Konoha Strict Correctional Facility. An apartment is being given to you to live in." I take in the information I'm being told and am soon let go from the hospital. As I leave, I feel lost. I slowly make my way to my apartment.

   As I arrive I notice a pile of many beautiful flowers. My eyes begin to water and I hear footsteps at many different speeds coming towards me. I look over and wipe the tears from my eyes, seeing everyone from the party the night before. They all looked concerned. Sakura came up to me and gave me hug. I felt so much love from everyone, cared for. All this time I didn't think they liked me but...they do. I hug her back and let my tears fall.

   I don't cry for long before I let go and look at everyone else and smile. "Thank you guys."

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