How Can It This Be

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Year was 2020, and the women were getting ready to check out Japan as the days of the Olympics were coming, reminiscence their performance for their native England 8 years prior. However, they had been plagued with a series of events but seeing their grown children taking part calms their fears. Yet, they're about to be reminded on what had happened to them, during their tour... or what should've been.

"I'm so excited about this. My little girl, Phoenix, is all grown up." Mel said.

"Well, it's also Romeo's first time taking part in the Olympics. He's been training for a long time." Victoria noted.

"I can't wait to see my little Scarlet. Still, I'm not sure if she'll following in her mother's steps." Melanie said.

"Well, Beau has been showing the life of football, like you did when you was little. You always told us about your passion for the sport." Emma said, hugging Melanie.

"Thanks, Em" Melanie said.

"Come girls, I don't want to miss the actions on the field." Geri said.

They went to the hotel for the time being, only to remember that they're having a hard time with the crowd. They noticed the crowd, not only what they had come on.

"Excuse me, did any of you girls remember the tickets?" Mel asks.

"Don't worry. Jade had put one aside for me." Emma said.

"David had putting a ticket aside for me." Victoria said.

"Same with Christian, yet I have noticed hardly anyone has bother him about it. He keeps saying something in memorial." Geri said.

"I had found that kinda strange since back in January, on my birthday, Jade had been crying along with my boys." Emma said.

"Same goes with Scarlet, kinda peeved that Thomas got custody of her without my say. To be fair, he's her father... but still, should've told me." Melanie explained.

"Same goes with my girls, although Phoenix is fully grown." Mel said.

"I noticed that as well with David." Victoria said.

The women were still puzzled the crowd of people just passing them, like they weren't there at all. They just brush it of, although the Japanese crowd would've noticed them by now. They headed to the hotel, their families were staying but noticed that none of the hotel staff seems to noticed them, even the dinosaur-robotic greeters ignore them. They thought it was pretty rude since they hasn't much of a day where at least someone noticed them. Even so, they didn't think much of it and went to see where their families were staying.

In the lobby, their hit, "Viva Forever", begun to play. Geri had a sense of guilt over her as it was one of the final songs she worked with the women before her breakdown. Mel noticed it as well, but she had made peace over it. However, as the song played, the women noticed the people in the lobby in a mournful mode, which didn't seem unusual thanks to the concept of the song. Then, Emma overheard another group of travellers, who clearly were New Castle, expressing about them. Melanie looked over another group, who clearly were from Liverpool like her. Melanie also noticing one of them crying, prompting her to calm the person down. However, when she did, Melanie wasn't able to interact with him. This caught Melanie off-guard, but Mel reassume her that it was just a fluke.

As they made it to the floor their families would be staying, the women couldn't help noticed why they were in a low-mood despite an uplifting event was happening in awhile. The women still puzzled, but Emma had explained a series of events that seems to plague them. Geri reassumed her about it, explaining those wankers got were was coming to them. Emma wasn't sure what Geri was talking about except for a terrible day that happened to Ariana Grande.

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