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Mary's POV

I woke up  in a hospital waiting room. I looked beside me and saw Ethan with his head down .

"Ethan why am I here ?" I was really confused.

"They shot up the ball room and August out of all people he got shot along with Grayson and he's - he's dying . They're both dying ." He went silent .

"Ethan please tell me you're lying." Tears started to form in my eyes.

He shook his head no .

"August covered you from the shots . Grayson was trying to stop the men ." Everything started to come back .

I started running towards their rooms Ethan was chasing right behind me . I looked through the window of August's room . Doctors surrounded him . I saw a blanket covering his body . I started shouting and My hand was banging on the glass .

"No!" I ran into the room and pushed the doctors out of the way .

"August wake up !" I shouted as the doctors dragged me out .

"AUGUST!" I shouted once more .

I saw the doctors shock his body . All I saw was his body jump up multiple times as the doctors shouted "CLEAR!" Every few seconds.

I can't loose him now .

I stood there with a angry expression on my face . Only a single tear came down my face as I saw the doctors pull the cover over him again.

I looked over to the other side and saw Grayson also gone . I could sense it . I can feel it . I know it . It was Ethan . I looked over at him . He had a evil smirk on his face .

If this motherfucker thinks I'm not doing . Ge just took the love of my life and the father of my baby boy . Yes I said it . My baby boy . I'm pregnant and me and the baby are surviving . 
I'm going to get a bullet engraved with his name on it. He don't want no smoke , but I guess he asked for it . If he wants war , they war he's going to receive.

"Take care of me August I'm going to do something I know you don't want me to do . This is for you ." I said as I watched his life less body right next to me .   I gave him one last kiss .

"Pack up the trucks we gotta roll . Someone needs to die ." I said to the whole crew .

I grabbed my ski mask and slipped it down . I rushed down the road angry. This bitch ain't getting away with this . Good bye to this sick ass man . Fuck this hoe .

My gun is going to be singing today not me .
I laughed like a sinister. A blood bath will be unleashed.  I knew it would end up like this, I'm fuckin' psychic.

"Chris and Trey  I love y'all . If I don't make it home tonight just know I got revenge for August.  Chris tell Royalty I love her ." I said before I quickly hung up .

I was speeding down the road in the Ferrari . Ethan ain't nothing but a bitch with a fucked up mind .

I arrived to where he was hiding and found many body parts every where . I screamed in fear .

I woke up .

I woke up and turned to see August sound asleep right next to me . Tears welled up in my eyes , fear rushed through my body . I can't believe the horrendous dream I just had . I pray that doesn't come true . I'm going to be on the edge. This stress and unhappiness that has been controlling me lately is going through the roof .

I got out of bed without waking him up . I took a deep breath. I made my way to the restroom and looked at myself in the mirror as tears ran down my face . Something just took over me. I know I'm supposed to be happy, but I'm not something is stopping me . Something is killing me inside and I don't fucking know what it is .

I'm happy that August is in my life, but that's about it .  After seeing what I saw I don't feel the same . You might call it a bad dream , but to me it's a warning.

It's taking my sanity away . I just have to wipe the tears away and smile . He can't know about this .  I spoke to soon . He walked right into the restroom and caught me with tears running down my face . He  stood in front of me I didn't want to face him because I was ashamed. He lifted my chin up to face him . His beautiful brown eyes stared deeply into mine . He was looking at me trying to get an answer. We stood in silence.

"What's wrong babygirl?" He finally broke the silence.

"Nothing ,I was just crying tears of joy I still can't believe we're getting married ." I put on the fakest real smile you'll ever see .

"Don't lie to me now . Your eyes are telling me another story . What's wrong ?" He sees right through me .

"It hurts to see you force a smile that's not real. Why do you fake it when you know I see right through you and your lies ." He can't be fooled .

"I'm not happy August . My sanity is slowly fading away . Things I see in my dreams I don't want to happen . They feel almost as if the were going to become reality."

"And in the one I had today I lost you ." It went silent .

"I don't want to lose you." I broke down again.

He pulled me close and kissed me . We kissed and made our way to the bed all my worries went away . All that really mattered was that he was here with me . He pulled back and held me in his arms . I felt at ease. Nothing can beat moments like this. I would do anything to protect this man . He has me so in love. I can't think with out him . My mind is always with him . It's amazing what he does to keep me falling in love with him . I cry because his love is endless .

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