I Miss Them

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The next morning, I didn't speak to any of my brothers. Did they care?

I don't even think they noticed.

"Liv, don't forget your lunch," Jackson said, handing it to me with no response. Our carpool pulled up to the house and I slammed the door as I walked out.

Yes, I am dramatic.

We arrived to school and it was as normal as ever. I did see Jack in the hallway and he winked at me, causing me to blush. He's such a cutie.

When the bell rang at the end of the day, I made my way to the gym for cheer practice.

I decided to take a break for gymnastics for a few weeks. It was too chaotic for driving purposes. My gymnastics coach, Nick, completely understood and thought it would be a good idea for me to take a break anyway.

I walked through the gym doors to be not-so-kindly greeted by my cheer coach.

"Your brother told me that you skipped our first practice yesterday to sneak off with a boy. I was very much looking forward to having you on the team this year, as you are very talented and a doll. I hope you can earn back my trust. Join the rest of the girls for a warmup. Let's make this a good season, okay?" She stated, nudging me to walk over to the rest of the girls.

This was my first time actually meeting the team since tryouts, because I missed the first practice.

I was the only new person that made it.


A tall, blonde haired girl approached me.

"You must be Olivia! I'm Grace. So nice to meet you. You are adorable! Can't wait for this season," She exclaimed, smiling at me with a warm smile.

Adorable. Hmm. Not my favorite thing to be called, but she seemed sweet. I could deal with it.

The rest of the practice was pretty fun. They put me as a flyer and we worked on the basics to make sure I trusted them.

After practice, I made my way out to Jackson's car.

I got in and buckled my seat belt, looking out of the window to avoid any interaction with him whatsoever. At this point I didn't even know why I was mad at him, I was the one who broke the rules.

Still. He's a meanie.

"Hi babykins. How was practice?" He asked, starting to drive.

"Why are you being nice? You hate me," I grunted.

He chucked a little to himself. "I don't hate you, dork. I don't like what you did, you know that. But what's staying mad at you gonna do?" He said.

I shrugged in agreement and he turned on the radio.

After ten minutes, we approached the house and he spoke again. "I'm going to drop you off. I have to run some errands. Dylan's at work, he'll be home soon. Ben's at practice, and Ryan is with some friends. I'll be back soon. Don't pull any stupid shit,"

He dropped me off and I flopped on the couch in the living room. I didn't have my phone, so I didn't really have anything to do. I stared at the blank, black TV screen.

I suddenly had an idea.

I went to my parents bedroom, which had pretty much been untouched since their death. None of us really had the courage to go in there. It was so heartbreaking.

I pulled out a box of home videos and found one of when I was a baby. I went back downstairs and popped it in the DVD player.


Christmas, 2005

I was one years old. Christmas in the Lybrant household was always so incredibly magical.

In the video, Jackson and Dylan would occasionally run past the camera, battling with their new swords they just received for Christmas. Ben and Ryan sat on the couch, Ben opening a package of toy cars for both of them to play with.

My dad was holding me on the rug, helping me stand. I could stand pretty well. My mom sat a few feet across from us, holding the video camera. She always loved filming us.

She adored us.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I began taking steps and walking towards my mom.

She yells in excitement, "Oh my gosh! Honey! Livvy is walking! Ah!"

My parents cheer, and my face reads the proudest girl in the world.

This moment is soon ruined by Dylan knocking me down while running by with his sword.

"Dylan, watch out for your sister, would you?!" My dad yelled, shaking his head.



A single tear slid down my cheek, followed by a few more. I could feel the immense love through the screen. I would never get to experience my mother's soft head kisses, or the warm feeling I got in one of my dad's big bear hugs.

The video kept playing and I kept watching, tears flowing yet a smile plastered on my face.

I heard the door unlock and I quickly jumped up. I wiped the tears from my face and tried to make it look like I wasn't just sobbing like a baby.

All four of them walked in at the same time, looking in my direction at the same time, probably because they heard the commotion coming from the screen.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm grounded and not supposed to be watching anything I just-" I started but was interrupted by Dylan.

"Babykins," He said in a soft voice, joining me on the couch.

I buried my head in his shoulder. I was so embarrassed for crying in front of them.

Jackson sat on the other side of me, while Ben and Ryan sat in the chairs next to the couch.

"It's okay to cry, kid," Jackson said, rubbing my back.

I sat up and sighed, wiping away more tears.

"Do, do you guys miss them too?" I asked.

"How could we not?" Ben said, giving me a sympathetic look.

Ryan stared off into space, probably trying not to show any emotion.

Dylan hugged me and Jackson turned up the volume on the TV.

We watched the rest of the video series, laughing every time Jackson would beat up Dylan and Ben or every time I was knocked over or hurt in some way by them doing something stupid.

I miss my parents. I miss them a lot.


Hey guys! Longer chapter for you! This was kind of emo, sorry for that! Comment any ideas you have for the next chapters!
Right now my boyfriend and I are watching elf and drinking hot chocolate, it's not even Thanksgiving but i'm already in the Christmas spirit!

By the way, my real brother Dylan says hi!


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