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We live in a world with this thing called, quirks. Quirks are a lot like superpowers, but could also just be a third ear or something. In this world the people with the more powerful quirks are regarded as royalty, whereas other are regarded as trash or scum. In this world your life is defined by luck and genetics. 

I hate it.

I have lived my whole life without a hint of such a power and it sucks. And within the past two days my life has gotten ten times worse.

You see, every twenty years 'Searchers' go out and bring all peasants that haven't been marked to the grand hall of the strongest 'Royal's' castle and are divide among the lands. In a dodge-ball like fashion (though they pick all of them at the same time). The strongest decides the order and usually goes first and are to pick the most.

Marking consists of a royal stamping a peasant with their house crest.   

I'm currently eighteen and have therefore not experienced any of this before. So as you my have guessed I was indeed caught, after attempting to run away from such a horrid fate.

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