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A/N Hoi my dearest living meat! This chapter is one of those long ones that are the products of what I think about instead of thinking about homework. Warning: serious and even triggering topics!
I'll have to go on hiatus after that because I am drowning in studies. That's why I make this chapter as long as possible.
By the way, soon the attention will be passed to the younger boyos for a while, and the next human is ready to be kicked down the mountain! Get readyyyyyy!

Mike came home the day after the incident, and immediately stuck to Toriel, who was teaching him to use healing magic while his small fever was treated. The case woke up Asriel's jealous side over attention, and he began struggling with magic just to get something out of his paws, but the only thing he could do was create some sparks in the air, which he later used to scare Chara with at the morning, but at the end he still got more and more attached to Mike, and together with Chara dragged the bed that was being constructed for him into the room, struggling for three hours with it and the wardrobe to make everything fit in places, so he could sleep with everyone now. The Prince of the Underground even started teaching the fourth fallen playing cards, as it was the official game of the Dreemurr family children by now. Asgore began planning the reconstruction of their room to make it more roomy.
Chara completely threw to garbage the barrier and everything related to it and spent her time talking things out with people. She talked a lot with Asgore and Toriel about different things, and even told them more and more about the surface. She didn't dare to talk about her scars though. She spent more time with Asriel again, together they were messing in different towns with Chara usually doing something dangerous and with Asriel filming it. He was getting more and more into cinematography. Chara even would contact Alex via Sans, and on the second day of his sickness together with Cameron brought him everything he needed to study at the moment. Chara was thinking about an option to gather some money from her and her brothers to buy Alex a phone as a present from all of them, since contacting him via other people wasn't too enjoyable, even though he wasn't complaining about not having one.
Cameron, however, was going downhill. His mental condition suddenly turned into a wreck. He would wake up in the middle of the night because of the nightmare that's been haunting him for he last three years. Sometimes he even was in tears.
One case scared the entire Dreemurr family to death:

Mike woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of someone's sobs. In the light of the night lights around the room, he crawled out of his bed and went to check the others and found Cameron sobbing, still half in the nightmare and half in reality.

-Alex... I need Alex... Where's he...?-

The poor boy muttered through slumber. Mike got horrified and lowered one hand on Cameron's head to comfort him, but Cameron began struggling and screaming in his sleep. Mike almost panicked when Chara and Asriel jolted awake.

-What's happening?-

Asriel asked, jumping off the bed, at the same time as Chara.

-Something is wrong with Cameron...-

Mike muttered, still trying to catch the desperately wriggling around boy. Cameron looked as if he was being possessed, the possibility of which Chara was considering, since nobody had heard of the demonic entity since the incident. Asriel stormed out of the room to wake Toriel up to help while Mike managed to restrain Cameron on the bed. Soon Cameron's muscles went loose again, but everybody could hear him asking about Alex. Chara began shaking his shoulder.

-Cameron, it's just a dream, wake up. You're dreaming, you're fine, I promise.-

She was saying softly. Cameron curled into a fetal position, snuffling loudly.

-I want him back... I want him back... Alex, can you... Bring him back...?-

He mumbled. Chara turned to stroke his messed up hair.

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