The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess, Chapter 12

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The doors swung open, and a man called out "The Princess Elandra."

"Go on in. I'll be right behind you." I nodded and smiled at him. I turned, and gasped at the sight before me.

The throne room was enormous! About 3 stories tall, with four golden thrones at the far end. A man and woman sat in the middle two thrones, and a young girl sat on the far left throne. I took a deep breath and started towards them.

I expected I would have to walk the entire way, but I saw them all jump up when I entered and they ran to meet me.

My mother got to me first, grabbing me into a massive hug and crying. I felt in that instant that I was really home. I had loved my other mother, but this felt like a real hug. That's the only way I can explain it. My father was next, squeezing me gently, and kissing my forehead. To my surprise, the little girl looked mad at me!

"Hello," I said, kneeling down to her.

"Why are you here? They're going to all pay attention to you now!" She shouted.

I starred at my parents in fear. She already hated me? Great.

"Don't worry," my mother laughed. "She'll learn. Oh sweetheart, we've missed you so much!" She said as she hugged me again.

My father turned to Ryan, who was standing there, looking nervous and awkward.

"Mister Raynald At'ahai, Thank you, you have kept your word and delivered her safely to us. I am a man of my word. On top of the reward, I will grant you anything you desire. What shall it be?" He smiled.

"Sire, I am most grateful for your generosity. I wonder if I might retrieve my desire in a few days? Would that be too much to ask? I mean no offense, I assure you."

"Not at all my boy, not at all! You may collect any time you wish!"

I could hear Ryan's thoughts, he was directing them at me. "I will ask him to allow me to court you."

I smiled, and thought back "I like that idea. I can't wait."

He smiled.

"If that is all, majesties, I am sure my mother will want to see me."

"Ah, a man who remembers his family, always a good man! Go on young man, and thank you again."

Ryan left, thinking "I'll see you soon, Ellie."

My father turned to my family and I and said "Shall we?" He led us to a room on the other side of the palace, with a fireplace (ironic underwater!) and couches. I sat down next to my mother while my father pulled Callie onto his lap.

"I feel I know you guys, but at the same time you're strangers.....does that make sense?" I asked them.

"Actually yes it does." My father said.

"So...what next?" I asked them. This all felt so odd! How was I supposed to pick up a new life and have everything be all normal? How was I supposed to fit into the routine here?

"Well, next we announce that you're home at last, and announce a ball in your honor, and give a few interviews."

"Where will I stay?"

"We've had a room ready for weeks now. I think you'll like it."

"What about Ryan?"

"What about him dear?"

"Well, I mean, what does he do?" I asked.

"He is a server from the kitchen. He helps serves the meals for us."

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