18: Mall

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Because Mitch works today and Kirstie was busy with teacher training, I had Wessy to myself today and I couldn't be more excited. I planned a full day with him and we started it off with breakfast at IHOP and then a trip to the shopping mall to spoil him and Mitch with gifts. I wanted to surprise Mitch with a brand new wardrobe and I wanted to get him a thank you present for putting up with my busy schedule and long class days.
Lately I've been a crappy boyfriend and had spent all day at school and do homework right after dinner. We only ever had a few hours together as a family and I wanted to apologise to Mitch for not figuring out my schedule just yet.
I held Wesley's hand as we walked through a Bath and Body Works while he carried the basket the best he could. Once he started piling in candles and various other products, I took over carrying the basket and realised just how difficult it was to watch over a toddler while making sure neither of us knocked anything over with my basket.
"Wesley James," his head snapped up and his eyes widened as he didn't expect me to see him trying to open a soap bottle. "Put it back." He shook his head and I rolled my eyes. "Wesley."
"Buy? Please!?"
"It's soap! You don't even like soap,"
"I do!" He squealed. "Please, Daddy? You promise!" I sighed, commenting on how I didn't promise anything, but ended up letting him put the crazy expensive bottle of handsoap into our basket. "Thanks!"
"Yeah, yeah," I ruffled his hair. "Alright, lets go pay for this stuff before I go broke." At the counter, Wesley stood surprisingly still and played with my car keys while I paid. I glanced down to see him unhooking my car key from the lanyard before throwing it with all of his might. I rolled my eyes and picked it up, only to have him complain about me making a mess.
"Bad!" He squealed.
"You're a pain in my butt, Wesley," I joked, turning back to the cashier. We eventually left and after a quick stop at the car to drop off our bags, Wesley and I were back to wandering through the mall until he declared he was hungry and demanded I take him to get pretzels.
Rolling my eyes, I crouched infront of him and rested my hand on his arm, forcing him to look my way. "Now Wes," I started. "That attitude is not needed, buddy. Don't be mean,"
"Not mean."
"Yes, Wesley, you are being mean. If you want a pretzel, you have to say please. Got it? You're a good kid and I know you aren't mean, so please don't act like that. We don't want time out, do we?" He shook his head. "Good. Now what do you say?"
He pouted, "Sorry Daddy.."
"I forgive you." He threw himself into my arms and I ended up carrying him through the food court before stopping at a pretzel stand and ordering a lemonade and pretzel for Wes. I managed to pay and grab our order with my free hand while I carried Wes and when I sat him on the chair, he pointed towards the McDonald's nearby. "No, buddy. You wanted a pretzel and I got you one. And besides, we had burgers last night. Why don't we eat this pretzel and then go to the toy store and get a toy?"
"Okay!" He grinned and sat down, pulling his lemonade close and taking a sip before shovelling the pretzel bites into his mouth. I chuckled and while I scrolled through my phone, I kept an eye on him to make sure he wouldn't choke.
He rested his casted hand on the table and looked around while he ate, his brown eyes wide when he saw the arcade nearby.
"Daddy?" He looked back at me and I felt my chest tighten. I don't think I'll ever get used to hearing that.
"Yes, buddy?"
"Do you want games instead of a toy?" He nodded excitedly. "Sure, buddy. Finish up your snack and we can go play for a little," he nodded and I ended up giving him my iPhone to watch cartoons on while he ate, until Mitch called and he instantly answered it.
"Hi daddy! I miss you!" He chirped, his eyes shining brightly as Mitch responded. "Yes! At the mall! I miss you too!" He held the phone out to me, "here you go, daddy."
"Thank you, Handsome." I smiled when I heard Mitch's voice through the line, his cheery voice making my heart swell. "Hey love. How's work?"
"Good, just tired. What're you boys doing at the mall? Is he being good?"
I nodded, "aside from a temper tantrum, he's an angel. And we're just shopping around,"
"Did he eat?"
"Yep. We had breakfast and Wessy ate an entire pancake," Wesley nodded, "and now he's just eating a pretzel before we go to the arcade. I think I'm going to do a cookout for lunch. What time will you be home?"
"I wish I could, but I don't get off until ten tonight. I won't be home until almost eleven,"
"Oh," I frowned. "No worries! I'll make dinner and I'll save you a plate. I'll make sure Wessy gets his bath and everything,"
"You sure?"
I nodded again, even though Mitch couldn't see me. "I'm sure. Don't you worry a bit, Mitchie. Wessy and I are going to have so much fun today. Isn't that right, Wes?"
Our son looked up and nodded, his grin wide as his messy hair fell infront of his face adorably. "Yeah! Love you daddy!"


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