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I should have been screaming my lungs out, suspended in mid-air — well, mid-space, I guess — and floating senselessly past forests of stars and rivers of comets

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I should have been screaming my lungs out, suspended in mid-air — well, mid-space, I guess — and floating senselessly past forests of stars and rivers of comets. As it was, I felt a strange unease. Not quite the fear I had first felt in this vastness of wherever I was, just a tingling sense of not quite being where I was supposed to be.

    ... Good, she learns. ...

    ... Place your faith in the Seed, brother. She was chosen, the favour is not misplaced when it falls. ...

    ... Soul child, you must open your mind to us. There is much to learn and though Time has forsaken this plane, you will find you will desire to return to your own before Time forsakes you. ...

    I opened my mouth to speak. There were so many questions springing forth from my mind, so many things I suddenly found I needed to ask these strange voices. But when I finally prised apart my jaw, I could say nothing. A fleeting memory of a science class I had taken the year before sprang to my head.

    "Sound travels through atoms and particles in a medium. In the vacuum of space, there would be nothing to pass through — no sound."

    Great. I frowned, trying to flex my fingers at my sides. No sound in space. There had to be a way to speak, though, or these eerie voices wouldn't be able to talk to me. I wondered, briefly, why I wasn't freezing to death or exploding, if I was really in space.

    ... Soul child, this is no terrestrial plane you are on. You have returned home, where the physical is but an ephemeral memory. ...

    Home? The corners of my mouth fell in a scowl. Somehow, they were able to read my thoughts, and yet I couldn't even talk. A familiar irritation crept under my skin, but I pushed it aside. In the absence of their words, only a gentle static hummed through the air. It felt like being on the inside of an old FM radio.

    Pinching my brows together and scrunching my nose, I closed my eyes, thinking as loudly as I could.


    A rumbling echo that sounded almost like laughter boomed around me. Heat rushed up the delicate skin of my neck and settled in the lobes of my ears. Even in space, people were laughing at me.

    ... Very quick, soul child — well done. We are the All. You currently reside in the Everything. ...

    Well that answers it perfectly, I thought with a roll of my eyes. Had I somehow fallen face first into a mushroom patch when I followed W into the woods? Everything about this screamed of a bad trip, even though I had never been interested in that sort of thing, and I just wanted it to end. Maybe if I played along...


    Another tittering rumble sounded through the void. My scowl deepened, and I went to cross my arms. They moved slowly, as if through wet cement, until I could finally press them against my chest. The warm familiarity of my own arms calmed my irritation, and I opened my eyes again to blink at the twinkling of a million stars.

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