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Kellin's POV

"I've never really thought of my cutting as a serious issue. I mean, it's how I cope. Yeah, it may not be a good technique but it works...for a little while," I paused and looked up at Dr. Green. He sat silently, taking notes carefully as I continued to talk.

"Continue Kellin, I would like to know more about you." I sighed and continued.

"Well, I don't know what else to say."

"Well, how long have you been cutting?"

"3 years."

"Do you know why you're here?" I shook my head. All I remember was cutting like I usually did, I didn't know anything else happened.

"Well your mother found you on the floor unconscious. Your father has been missing since then." My heart sank and I was about to cry any second. "Do you recall any of that happening?"  

"All I remember happening was the cutting, not my mom finding me." I looked down again, feeling ashamed for doing this to my family.

"Alright. Well group therapy will be going on in an hour. I will see you soon Kellin." I nodded and rose from my seat, shaking her hand as I left and shut the door quietly.

As I walked the hallway which aligned doors, I couldn't help but notice how sad this place looked. It had too many colors and made it seem as though it was a day care rather than a mental ward. One thing I did like here though was the activities. I got to hangout with other people that shared the same interests as me and I wasn't complaining that he was in my group therapy.


"Come on Kellin, talk to him." No no, I shook my head and made a complete fool out of myself in front of everyone.

"Is everything okay, Kellin?" Dr Green asked. I tried so hard to not cry, not in front of him. "How about you go sit next to Vic sense you're sitting next to no one." I froze in my seat. "He seems to be a caring person and we all need at least one friend here, right?" Everyone silently nodded their heads as I made my way to an empty seat next to Vic. I was going to cry more.

I listened to Dr. Green with no interest. Instead, I picked my hang nails off of my fingers as they bled. It reminded me of the blood that used to spill from my wrists.

"Kellin?" I rose my head to be faced with Dr. Green. "I would like to properly introduce you to Victor, I mean Vic." I looked at him with wholesome eyes as he smiled and shook my hand. My sleeve must've slipped up because he looked saddened as he looked down. "I'll leave you two to talk. I need both of you to have a friend here." Dr. Green shut the door on her way out as we sat down at the seats we had just been sitting in.

"Um, this is too awkward for my liking," Vic blurted out. I giggled.

"I couldn't agree more. Why does everyone need to have a friend here?"

"Well I think it's because we're the two newest patients and need someone."

"How'd you know I was new?" He chuckled and smirked at me.

"When Dr. Green left her office, I snuck into your folder. You came here the same day as me."

"Why'd you look at my folder?" I stuttered back.

"I was anxious and had to touch something close to me and it was too tempting." I smiled and looked down from his dreaming brown eyes.

"Am I the only one who's hungry?" Vic asked, rising from his seat. I shrugged but agreed.

"Come on Kells, yeah, that's what I'll call you, Kells." I giggled once again as he grabbed my hand and ran to the cafeteria. We laughed the whole way there and I couldn't help but feel something else. My heart fluttered and my thoughts were only on him.

As we arrived to the cafeteria, we sat down in a booth, Vic insisting he sat next to me instead on across.

"What do you want Kells?" He asked, getting up and wanting to eat.

"I got it, I'll get my own food."

"Nope, I'm getting some for you. I don't care what you think." I groaned but agreed, after 3 minuets.

"Fine, I'll have a cheeseburger and orange juice."

"Comin right up." Vic winked as he strutted to the line. Stop looking at his ass Kellin!

"I'm back!" Vic excitedly placed the tray in front of me as I smiled up at him. How badly I wanted to kiss him. Slow down Kellin.

"You gonna eat Kells?"

"O-oh yeah." We ate in a comfortable silence and left the trays behind as we started making our way to my room.

"Hey, my room is 3 doors down." We smiled at each other and saw a nurse already in my room, getting ready to give me my pills.

Vic sat at the edge of the bed as both him and the nurse looked at me as I took my pills.

"I'm glad you're making a friend Kellin," the nurse said as she walked out and shut the door behind her.

"I wish they made pills that made you happy, you know?" I said out loud and looked at Vic who smiled fondly.

"Well maybe I can be your happy pill."

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