"It was just a small lie."

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"It was just a small lie!" I shouted as Ceara opened the door to leave.

She spun around anger on her face, "How dare you say it was a 'small lie'! I thought you were dead! We had a funeral, I mourned you!" 

"It was to protect you, I didn't want you hurt!" I tried reasoning.

"Are you kidding me? You've hurt me more than you can imagine! And now you break into my home and try to make me come back?!" she looked close to crying but still really angry.

"Okay I get why you'd be mad, but it's still my house too! Look can we please try to talk about this?" I smiled.

She smiled lightly before pulling out her phone and calling someone.

My smile turned to confusion as she also pulled out a gun and aimed it at my heart.

"Hey Jim, I got him. That jerk faked his death. Do I have permission to get rid of him for good?"

"Wait, no, Ceala can we please talk, I love you, plea-"

A gunshot rang through the air.

She turned around a smile on her face after another successful assassination.

Unmuting her phone she started talking again, "When the real Ceala comes back, make sure he is disposed of. I wouldn't want her to get involved."

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