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mental illness, abuse, swearing, sexual content, violence, alcohol/drugs, murder and torture.

Harry Potter thought that he was a Potter, like everyone else besides a select few. That is until he starts having dreams, meets a dude with a long ass beard and is thrown into the magical world where some interesting stuff is revealed.

previously titled son of voldemort. okay so this book is going under major editing and stuff. also i feel like i should've done a introduction chapter for this book a while ago. but hey my ass had just started wattpad when i made this account. anyways uh yeah sorry for not updating in months, hopefully as I edit more I'll get motivation. feel free to pm me with any ideas because this lil van ghoe needs inspiration. most of you know i deleted all six of my books recently, the backlash hasn't been great and I'm sorry. I'll try to make more better content for all of you.
lots of love. ♡

August 2017

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all rights go to J.K Rowling for the characters and universe including some of the plot.

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