Time to Live

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Ok, to say Annabeth was furious would be an understatement. Once we left the hospital and entered her apartment, she full on Judo-flipped me, then yelled about how stupid and idiotic I was. I sighed then rubbed my temples, oh the wonders of coming back to society.

I finally managed to get Annabeth to stop yelling at me, then I decided it was time for me to go to Gotham. I need to talk with Bruce, and the gods already erased the part of the JLA knowing about us demigods, they just know we are adults with 'powers'. I chuckle, then I tell Annabeth I'll visit camp soon and Vapor travel to the front of Wayne Manor. Vapor travel is Poseidon way of shadow travel, but instead of melting in with shadow, we turn to mist.

I'm in my black jeans, a white shirt, a royal blue leather jacket, knee length royal blue heeled boots, my camp necklace, my bracelet from my brother, my headband crown thing, Riptide in pen form, hair down, and then I had my amazon gauntlets on. Not the most formal thing to wear, but like schist am I dressing up to greet a old friend. I'm nervous, I haven't seen Bruce since I told him I was gonna die at age 16. I'm gonna get another stern talking from him, and I'm pretty sure his ward Richard to. I take a deep breath, build up my courage, and knock. I wait for a few seconds, then the door opens.

"Hello? How may I." I look up and see a shocked Alfred. "Oh, Mistress Persephone. Welcome home." I start to tear up, and I just rush forward and give Alfred a hug. He returns the gesture after he got over the shock.

"Hey Alfred, I've missed you so much." He smiles as we separate, and he starts to lead me somewhere in the Manor.
"I've missed you as well madam, so has Master Bruce. His ward, Master Richard has been wanting to meet you since he learned of you two years ago." I chuckle at this, and I get a smile.
"Alfred, tell me honestly. Did Bruce react negatively when I was presumed dead?" He gave me a sad smile and a nod, I sighed.
"I knew that would happen, but I'm gonna help him get over it. After I beat the hades out of him for actually doing what I told him not to." Alfred chuckles and I just smile.
We approach a door, and I hear voices behind it.
"But Bruce, she was found with a bullet wound on a highway! The news says she was kidnapped, maybe let her explain."
"Dick, how do I confront her? She was my best friend and then she just vanished, what would you do if Barbra just vanished and reappeared years later?"
"I'd listen to what she had to say, then tell her how I feel!" Alfred opens the door, and the two instantly quiet.
"Master Bruce, I believe there is someone here who wishes to speak with you." Then Alfred opens the door more and leaves. I just watch him hurry off, before I mutter.
"Traitor." I look up to see Bruce and this kid, probably Robin, he seems to be about thirteen. I smile and sheepishly wave my hand.
"Hey Bruce, umm, I'm still alive?" I chuckle nervously as I rub the back of my neck. Bruce slowly approaches me, looking shocked.

"You disappeared eight years ago, how can you still be alive." I sigh then pull him into a hug.
"Bruce, I was kidnapped and tortured. I was on my way here actually the night it happened, I lived past sixteen and wanted to tell you something." Richard, he walks out of the room slowly, to find Alfred probably.
"What's that?" Bruce asks, with a questioning face.
"That I love you, and could possibly be your girlfriend since I was still alive." I looked up at Bruce and saw him smiling, next thing I knew, he pulls me into a kiss. I kiss back, and then when we break apart he's smiling.
"I've waited years to do that, and Percy, I still feel the same way." I smile and hug him, we stay there for a bit before Alfred comes back.
"Master Bruce, Master Richard is waiting for you in the dining room. Shall I prepare a place for Percy?"
"Yes, Alfred. I'm gonna stay here for dinner." Alfred smiles, and heads down. Bruce gives me another hug, then I get an idea. When Bruce isn't looking, I jump on his back.
"Percy?!?" He says, shocked but amused.
"To the dinning room!" Bruce chuckles and walks us to the said room, when we enter, Bruce is laughing and so am I.

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