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(These are just gonna be small, short chapters.)





"Honey?" My mom's voice asked from outside the bathroom door. I jump slightly, dropping the item in my hands. I look down at the floor, staring deadly at the small red positive sign.

"What does it say, sweetheart?" She asked, trying to contain her emotions. I swallow hard and reach back down to pick up the pregnancy test.

"Eli is going to kill him," I whisper while lifting it off the floor.

"Wait! Is it positive!! Are you pregnant!!!" My mom squeals from outside.

"Wait is she!!" I hear Nicole ask, she squealed loudly.

"I'm gonna be an Aunt!!!!" I roll my eyes at her.

"Not really," I mumbled. I sigh and open the door, being tackled by the two. I feel tears brew in my eyes.

"Aren't you happy!" Nicole asked with wide eyes.

"Of course I am! I just...never thought I'd be a seventeen-year-old mom." I say while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Go tell Baron!!" Mom screamed, I rolled my eyes with a giggle.

"You're so loud he probably already knows." She scoffs before pushing me outside my room. I skip down the stairs, feeling joy inside me. I already know how I was gonna tell him. I saw Eli, Allison, Cortney, Zane, Coral, Martin, and Ivy all in the living room.

"What's so important that you had to have all of us here?" Eli growled at our mom, making her smile.

"Babe...can you come to the pack house?" I link to Baron, it takes a minute before he answers.

"Yea...is everything okay?" I smiled brightly and sighed.

"Yea...just get your butt over here!" Minutes later, Baron walks in and I instantly started my plan.

"Well don't you look hot," I say, making Eli growl.

"No, you're hot." He instantly says back.

"You're hot," I say while raising a brow.

"You're hot!" He barks with a stupid grin.

"You're hot!!" I say while crossing his arms.

"You're hot!!!!" He says with an increase in volume.

"You're pregnant!!" I say suddenly, making the room quiet.

"Your preg-" He goes to repeat, but freezes. His eyes widen while he locks eyes with me then zeros in on my belly.

"You're pregnant?" He whispered while looking back up at me. I nod once and instantly got tugged into a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh, my-!!!" He yells at the ceiling. He's cut short by a blood boiling growl. We look over at Eli's pitch black eyes.

"You're. Dead." He growls, why does that sound familiar? I chuckle as Baron takes off outside in just enough time to dodge his attack.

"Doesn't this look familiar," Nicole says next to me, making me smile.

"I was just about to say the same thing," I mutter with a grin. People start congratulating me while Nikki goes to separate our boys.


"It's a girl!!!" The doctor screams, my breathing is labored while I throw my head on the pillow.

"Fucking finally," I growl and watch them clean my little girl.

"If 9 months wasn't enough, she wanted to stay inside you for another 8 hours." Baron chuckles, but stops, when he sees me glaring at him.

"Here you are, Gamma Julia." I look at the male doctor holding my small baby, I push myself up and grab her in my arms. Small fuzzy blonde hairs sat on her head and her eyes were a brilliant hazel.

"She looks just like you." I breathe, talking to Baron even though I wasn't looking at him. He let out a chuckle and I handed her to him. He stumbled a bit but grabbed her in his arms.

"Koda right?" He asked with a raised brow towards me, I nodded once. We both agreed I'd name it if it was a girl and he'd name it if it was a boy. We left the gender a surprise until I gave birth.

"She's beautiful." Barron and I say at the same time.

Little Koda!!! Pronounced (Co-da)

She's gonna be Ivy's best friend too since their all tiny pups.

On to the next one!!!

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