Demonic Visitor (Chansaw)

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Hello, everyone! So, first things first, I recommend that you read Angelic Visitor parts 1 & 2 before reading this one though, as it is a direct sequel to that story. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Previously on Heathers One-Shots:

"He tried summoning an actual demon from hell, and killed Heather Chandler with drain cleaner"

"A weird-looking necklace that JD kid randomly gave to me while in the hallway at my locker."

"A demon!? Why would he do that? They're very dangerous, demons possess people and use them as their puppets to do vile things!"

(Two months after the events of Angelic Visitor)

But what would happen if the dead girl came back to life?

Veronica's POV

Dear Diary,

Everything is going well, Mac got married to the Angel, Heather Duke. Honestly, I'm happy for them, really, I am. Mac is so satisfied with her, they fit each other's personality. Hell, Heather Duke considers me to be a friend, which means I'm on her good side, for now. I have my suspicions about the past with JD. You see, JD attempted to summon a creature from the darkest pit of hell, but he failed, at least I think he did.

For now, I must keep my guard up, especially since I'm desperate to get fucked hard.

Truly Yours,

Veronica Sawyer

I walk down to my locker and observe Duke hugging Mac intensively, I travel to them to see what's going on. Mac is obviously terrified of something because of her choked sobs.

"What's happening, Mac?" I wonder

"I-I'm p-pregnant, Ronnie!" Mac quivered

"Oh, congrats!" I cheer aloud

"Indeed, she's still a bit shocked at the reveal, give her some time, and she'll be fine!" Duke responded to my comment

"That's not all I discovered," Mac paused, "Chandler is alive!"

How would that be possible? I mean, I didn't detect a faint heartbeat when she drunk the drain cleaner, she was good as dead. Maybe, Mac is paranoid about her being pregnant. I don't know, I could be wrong.

"Are you sure?" I inquired

"She looked so real, I swear I saw her, Dukie, I don't want her to hurt me!"

"It's okay, I'm here, come on, let's go get some ice cream!" Duke half-smiled

"Okay, I'm going to see if Chandler really is alive!" I informed half-heartedly

Now then, onto finding Heather Chandler, where would she usually wander off to? Well, there's many places, including 7/11, the mall, and her house.

So, Martha is coming with me as a backup, we can't be too reckless when it comes to an undead woman. We are on our way to the only 7/11 in the town, Martha thinks Chandler's here because she loved BBQ Corn Nuts, which seems reasonable.

Want to know my thoughts? I honestly had feelings for Chandler before her death. She was so beautiful and warm to the touch, it could drive any person mad! That's what it did to me, I desperately wanted her to return those feelings, I always had a suspicion that she did. The way she acted around me was too obvious, blushing at the mention of my name, stuttering when I talked to her, and wearing clothes that revealed a bit too much.

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