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  Third person)

Lea-we are going clubing bitxhesss
Loren-lets go babe
Sofia-your guys are so cute
Sabrina-yassssss g i r l
Christina- I am tired of hiding it will I be my girl Sabrina
Sabrina-yassssss I will bich

Daniels says -we gone punish them but how
Zach-maybe we can leave them outside
Jack-maybe we could chain them in the basement
Corbyn-maybe we could not
Jonah-yea we have to do somethin
Corbyn-ok the basment it is

Skip the clubing I am lazy

The boys got home and the girl we're super drunk so they did as told
They had all fallen asleep and everything was good

Lea had woken up and were scared and had a hang over she had some Loren up and told her to stay quiet she did she was freaking out so I kissed her and then the boys had walked in and we were still missing and then all the girls woke up

Well well well what do we have here i can't have my girl kissing Zach's girl can we now. We stopped and we weren't showing any fear at all. Zach said why u kissing my girl and out of the blue I had a range of courage well she is mine now so back of Zach. Jack came up to me and said who do u think u are don't u remember the rules he had slapped me harder than the first time he ever did it. Loren said Jack stop she didn't do anything to u.
You guys ran away from use u did do something Corbyn said. Christina said bc we want to go to prom graduate and be with people we love. Dont u girls love us. We do and that is something we shouldn't be doing and I regret it. Why why we can help u we are your mate. We can't live without you guys we have to turn then now. How bout tonight said Corbyn
Zach say why not they will be sleeping it's on but before that we have to give them a pr........

What are they going to do to the girls find out in the next chapter

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